Essential Oil Diffuser by Islands Miracle

I was sent this diffuser from Islands Miracle to review.  I love diffusing oils.   My kids take turns with the diffuser in their rooms since they love it so much (I need to get one for each room).  I diffuse lavender during the night for them to help with their sleep.  I have a son with ashtma, and I love diffusing a “breath” blend for him.

I love how this diffuser also serves as a color changing nightlight.  Makes it fun and practical for the kids at night.  You can also use it without the light if that’s what you prefer.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, simply remove top, add water to fill line, add your favorite essential oils, replace top and push button.
1st button press turns the diffuser on and light rotation mode. 2nd button press holds the current color. 3rd button press turns off the light but the diffuser stays on. 4th button press turns off the diffuser.

It’s deeply discounted right now on amazon.  You can purchase HERE




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