Working from Home



I thought I would share with you all something that I do (in addition to Taylor Joelle) to earn money from home.  I’ve got a pretty sweet online teaching gig!

I teach English to Chinese students from the comfort of my own home.  The company is called VIPkid, and the headquarters are in Beijing, China. You teach English to kids between the ages of 4-12.  Classes are one-on-one and conducted online through the VIPKID portal. You DO need a bachelors degree to apply, but a teaching certificate is NOT required.

Here’s my feedback:


  • Working from home
  • Lessons are already prepared for me
  • Pay is great (about $20 per hour)
  • Very little (if any) prep work
  • I set my own hours and can work as little or as much as I want
  • The kids are adorable!!


  • Early teaching hours (you need to be in Beijing time).  Although this really is my only option since I have little ones at home. I guess it’s considered a pro as well.   I usually teach from about 5-7:30am and then sometimes on weekend evenings.
  • Interview process is a little rigorous (lots of busy work).  However, I finished the process pretty quickly.  I applied and was teaching less than a week after I applied.


Feel free to comment with any questions.  I’d love to help you through the process.

Apply Here: VIPkid Application

Crushed Velvet for the Holiday

We are prepping for the holiday season!  And we’re excited to show you our new crushed velvet dress!  It will be perfect for holiday parties, and pictures.  This dress will also come in navy (pics coming soon).

So, stay tuned, because next month (October) we will be launching this Taylor Joelle dress



Dress – Taylor Joelle

Shoes –  Forever 21

Here’s a few other velvet trends we love!

Top Pictures: Asos

Shoes: Called to Surf

Our Dance Tutus Make A Comeback Next Month!

We tested the waters with launching our striped dance tutus, and they were a big success!  Now it’s time to bring them back in a new design – Rainbow Unicorns!

Here’s a little peek at what’s to come!  Limited quantities of these Taylor Joelle dance tutus are available so if you wan’t to be first in line, join our facebook group.   This is where we offer early access, special discounts, sneak peeks and giveaways! HTP_9149


Gem Dress

We love the 80s vibe of our brand new Gem Dress.  This dress is the perfect outfit for back to school.  It’s comfy, vibrant, and so adorable!  Use code: “diamond” for 15% off and free shipping.

Taylor Joelle Dress available HERE

4L9A8448for justuno4L9A8905.jpg

Circus Circus

We had a ton of fun with our circus shoot!  Thanks Heather Telford for the awesome pictures!




For the dumb bells I bought a wooden craft rod and 2 Styrofoam balls at my local craft store.  My husband cut the rod to where I wanted it, then I made a little hole in each ball, and filled it with hot glue.  I then stuck each end of the rod into each balls and held it until the glue dried.  Then, I spray painted away!

For the circus stand, I simply took a big flower pot we had on hand, and spray painted it.  Easy peasy.

Here’s a few more sneak peaks of our shoot.  Skirts are available now on Taylor Joelle .  Striped leo and dress are coming July!




Pink for my Home!

If you know me, you know I love pink!  I’ve painted chairs pink, my piano pink, and many other random odds and ends pink (my poor husband).  So, when I saw this amazing “spot on the wall” posted by The Jungalow, I had to give it a try in pink!


I had an Ikea shelf sitting around waiting to be used, and some Ikea fake plants.   The shelf was only $6.99 and the plants $5.99 each.



The shelf and pots had a pretty smooth surface.  I was worried the paint wouldn’t stick, so i first sprayed them with bullseye primer.


I then painted the shelf and pots in Valspar “posh pink” – you can buy a little sample jar for $5.  I also used this to paint the spot on the wall, and a chair I had sitting around.  It was plenty of paint (still have half a the sample jar left).

And here’s my new “spot on the wall”.