Three Ways to Wear Our Red Cape Dress

We want to show you some fun ways to style our simple red cape dress this Halloween! It’s so versatile! This dress hits the site on July 13th at 10am mst. Here’s 3 ways to style it up; let us know if can think of another fun way.

  1. Scarlet Witch – see our previous blog post for a DIY was on the headpiece.

2. Owlette from PJ Masks. We purchased the accessories from Amazon

3. Little Red Riding Hood. Simply add a cute hooded cape and wolf plush

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This DIY Scarlet Witch Headpiece is a Cheap And Easy Costume Idea!

Are you looking for a cheap and easy costume idea? We have just the solution! In this blog post, we will show you how to make your own DIY Scarlet Witch Headpiece. This is a quick project that can be completed in about an hour or two, and it won’t break the bank. If you are on a budget but want to get into character as Wanda Maximoff from Avengers: Infinity War, then this headpiece is perfect for you!


Eva Foam – amazon

Red Acrylic Paint – craft store

Satin Varnish for Acrylic paint – craft store

Elastic – amazon or craft store

Command Strips – amazon

Template – Popcorn Reviews

Some of the above links are affiliate links.

Step 1 – Print and cut template. Trace onto eva foam and cut.

Step 2 – Paint both sides and edges with red acrylic paint. This will take about 3 coats.

Step 3 – Once red paint is dry, cover it with a coat of glossy varnish.

Step 4 – bend to shape around head.

step 5 – measure elastic to fit head, then attach using command trips (I find this is more secure than hot glue)

Our Red Cape Dress hits the site for preorder on July 13th at 10am mst.

Trick or Treat: Wanda Vision Costume

Kids love Halloween. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a Wanda Vision costume? This year, get your kids excited for trick or treating by dressing them up in our new costume!

The best thing about these pieces is they are comfortable and work well enough to double as an everyday dress and tee.

The Red Cape Dress and Robotic Hero Tee hit the site on July 13th for preorder. No sell out risk if ordered on launch day. Preorders ship in 4-6 weeks.

Red headpiece is not included. Stay tuned for a diy tutorial – it’s super simple!

DIY Dinosaur Garland

A Dinosaur Birthday for your dino loving child? Yes please! Taylor Joelle has a new Dinosaur Dress hitting the site June 2nd. It’s the perfect party dress complete with modern and bright colors, and twirly layers of tulle so they are photoshoot-ready.

Scroll down to see our showcase of fun Dino Party ideas to match the dress. Here’s an easy tutorial for a Dinosaur Birthday Garland…

Materials Needed:

Plastic Dinosaurs

Screw Eyes


Spray Paint Primer

Acrylic Paint (from any local craft store)

Command Hooks

Click here to watch the video tutorial!

We’ve gone through each step in this video tutorial. If you prefer written instructions, here they are:

  1. Use spray paint primer to prime each dinosaur.
  2. Once the primer is dry, paint on acrylic paint of your choice. Make take a few touch up coats.
  3. After pain is dry, poke a small hole (using a knife or scissors) to the top of the dinosaur
  4. Screw the screw eye into the hole (no need to push down).
  5. lay out your dinosaurs along the twine and knot each dinosaur into place.
  6. Use command hooks to secure the garland on your wall, table and mantel.

The coordinating dinosaur prints and invites can be found through Hey Cute Design

Dinosaur Party Dress launches June 2nd at Taylor Joelle

Saint Jude Donation

Thank you for all of your support with the King’s Legacy dress and t-shirt launch! Our hearts are so happy and we are so grateful for your support. We have made our first donation of $1685 to Saint Jude in honor of Chadwick Bosemen. We will be making the next donation when theses preorders arrive to us.

Thank you!!!!

Photo by Blyss Photography

Update – we just made a second donation of $125 from sales between April 14th and May 11th. Thanks you!!

Giving Back in Honor of Chadwick Boseman

I am extremely excited to have a dress releasing soon inspired by Black Panther. This dress was a collaborative design with two of our Black facebook mom group members, one of whom is now a paid employee of ours. The Taylor Joelle team strongly believes in representation. Before I founded Taylor Joelle, I was an educator. I also received my bachelors degree in Youth Leadership. My background has been about helping children learn and finding their place in the world. I know how important matters of representation, identity, and self esteem are to healthy development, and I’ve been striving to bring those lessons to my brand.

As part of our preorder launch, we will be donating $10 for every Black Panther inspired dress preorder, and $5 for every Black Panther inspired shirt preorder to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

When we first started working on the Black Panther-inspired dress, we believed very strongly that we should honor Chadwick Boseman’s legacy by supporting a pediatric cancer charity that benefitted Black children. Black pediatric cancer patients nationwide die at appalling rates disproportionate to all other groups. Across nine common cancers, Black children are between 38 and 95 percent more likely to die.  It’s a horrible and unjust truth, and we wanted to support a group actively working to dismantle the systemic barriers to equal treatment. There is one extraordinary place where Black pediatric cancer survivability rates are the same as white children’s, and it’s a place that was both very close to Chadwick Boseman’s heart and critical to desegregation in health care: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Some of you may know that as Chadwick Boseman was silently fighting his own cancer battle, he was also taking time to lift children’s spirits at St. Jude.  St. Jude was the first desegregated hospital in the south, and St. Jude’s founder personally forced hotels in the surrounding area to desegregate. While the south was still awash with the horror and injustice of segregation, St. Jude actively recruited and hired Black doctors and nurses, roomed Black and white patients together, had patients and families all dine together, and gave equal medical treatment to all races. From its inception, St. Jude emphasized that no child or family would ever be treated differently on the basis of race. St. Jude also notably opened its own patient family housing to guarantee that every family coming to St. Jude would be treated equally regardless of race or ability to pay. To this day, St. Jude still houses any family free of charge. 

St. Jude cared passionately about equal care and equal outcomes for Black pediatric cancer patients decades before its peers, and it remains an outlier even today in survival rates for Black children. We are confident that our donation to St. Jude will help save more Black lives— and we thank Chadwick Boseman for his powerful legacy that has given countless Black children inspiration and hope.

Donations to Saint Jude’s Research Hospital can be made HERE.

Black Friday Details

Black Friday is quickly approaching and we want to give you all the details! The fun starts November 27th 8am MST over at Taylor Joelle

What’s happening?

  1. So many new styles launching. Our new styles will all be 15% off.
  2. Everything on the site will be discounted. Discounts vary depending on the product. No code needed
  3. Door Busters! We will be giving away free bows (with the purchase of a dress) to the first 100 customers. Make sure you’ve added the bows to your cart and use code “free bows”.
  4. We will be selecting 6 random orders to refund throughout the weekend.

Here’s a look at what’s launching Black Friday:

We will also have several different bow sets and face masks (not pictured above).

We hope to see you over at Taylor Joelle this black Friday!

One Dress – Three Halloween Costumes

With a fairly basic black dress, there are endless ideas for costume and dress-up! We’ve taken our Wednesday Addams inspired dress and styled it up 3 different ways.

  1. Wednesday Addams

2. Cruella Deville

Such a fun costume for Halloween. We’ve had this wig since last Halloween and it has held up so nicely!

4. Audrey Hepburn, or a Fancy Movie Star?

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Dress Your Family Like McQueen!

I love that its “cool” now to coordinate your family outfits. When I was little and my family went to a theme park, my parents would make us wear matching t-shirts. I remember one that had a hand print and said “hands off”. There’s 7 people in my family and we were quite the site walking around the park. I didn’t feel so cool haha.

Now, it’s super fun to plan matching outfits for Disney trips, or birthday parties or Halloween costumes. I love the idea of coordinating the family based on the movie “Cars”.

So here’s a fun family McQueen look:

Women’s dress: Torrid

Children’s Dress: Taylor Joelle

Children’s Shirt: Taylor Joelle

Men’s Tee: Kohls