I Have a Tween!

Miss Taylor Joelle is a tween!  I am now officially able to shop at kid stores AND adult stores for her.  It’s kind of cool!  Here’s my latest find that I just had to share because it’s only $19.99 over at Brickyard Buffalo

It’s called the Tawny Jordan Dress.

DSC_2588[1] DSC_2596[1] taylor jump

Pokemon Day!

With all the “pokemon go” hype I was thinking how fun it would be to surprise my boys with a little pokemon day.  How fun would this be:

1.   Wake up to some pretty awesome gourmet pokemon donuts.  Photo Credit: Vickie Liu


  1. Let me each use a device (my husbands phone, my phone or the ipad), and we go on a walk to different local pokestops. Once we are home, I would hide some little pokemon figurines (inside Easter eggs) around the house for them to find.  You can get bulk figuring for cheap on Amazon 



3.  Give them each a few packs of pokemon (from the dollar store) and have them play with their cards.

PK_BW_packs5 (1)

We’d called it Pokemon day!  Now time to make it happen.


Have you seen our clearance section lately?  We’ve got some pretty great items on listed there, and you can get 10% off all clearance items with code “clearance”.  Purchase HERE



Mermaid Birthday Party!

My 5 year old attended his cousin’s mermaid party last week and it was the cutest thing ever!  My sister in law found some many cute ideas on Pinterest for the party.  So I check it out, and yes, I think every little girls needs a mermaid party.  So cute!!!

So, if i had a little girl (which I do not, my daughter is 12.  I asked her and she said no she does not want a mermaid party haha)  here’s what I would do.


Ok for the outfit she would wear this ah-mazing getup from Carkendesign.  So many cute color options too.


FullSizeRender (4)



I would do crab sandwiches like these ones from Allthatgittersisgold


These fun mermaid style cupcakes that can be found HERE


I would serve all the “sea” themed snacks in pales like the ones found HERE


A watermelon shark.  Photo found HERE


And of course, lot’s of blue drinks like the ones found HERE



We would decorate shells with sharpies.  You can get bags of shells at the dollar store.  Photo credit HERE


We’d fill up a plastic pool with sand and I would hide dollar store “treasures” for them to find.  Source unknown for photo below.


Other activities could include:

Pearl necklace making

Musical chairs or freeze dance to “The Little Mermaid Songs”

Water fights or playing in the sprinklers

A pinata

Treat Bags:

Fill up burlap sacks with mermaid themed goodies.  Love the look of the ones found HERE


Dress up like Elsa!

Use your existing Taylor Joelle dresses as dress-up items for you little!  My 2 year old boy, Cohen refers to our a-line tutu dress as an “Elsa” dress.    If your little one doesn’t already have this dress, we would love her to have it!  Get $10 off this dress with code: “elsa”

This set would make a cute Halloween costume, birthday gift set, or a sweet addition to her dress up box.


Crown: Amazon

Dress: Taylor Joelle (use code: “elsa for $10 off)

Olaf Toy: Target

Wand: Oriental Trading Company

Shoes: Sofias Style

Necklace: Belle Chic

Then, when she’s done playing dress up she can wear this dress and be herself.


Photo: Heather Telford Photography

Snow White

I love having a dress up box for the kiddos.  How fun would this snow white outfit be?  It’s inexpensive too!  And because we love you, we are giving you a code for $10 off our yellow tutu skirt   with code “snowwhite”

This outfit would be perfect for a Disney trip, a dress up box, or a Halloween costume!



Headband: Divine Lil Divas

Collar Necklace: Ebay

Leotard: The Leotard Boutique

Skirt: Taylor Joelle Designs (take $10 off with code snowwhite)

Shoes: 6pm.com