Summer Kids Shoes!

It’s that time of year where you want your kids to have easy on and off summer shoes!  Here’s a few of my favorites!

These Cat and Jack sandals from target and only $9.99.  Plus right now they are buy one get one 60% off!!


sandals 1

There a million other SUPER cute sandals on sale right now at target, but the ones above are my pics for easy shoes that can get wet!

Next, up are these Zara sandals.  Not necessarily water shoes, but they look like an ultra cute summer sandal for the beach.


And for boys?

We love the way that native is color blocking some of their shoes. These adorable ones can be found at Tea Collection


And last of all, a couple of weeks ago I was on the hunt for some sandals for Cohen. I  went into Norstrom Rack.  They had super cute things, but nothing that was his size.  Next door was Burlington Coat Factory.  I hadn’t been in that store in about a decade, but I had some time to kill, so I decided to go in.  I walked out of the store with sandals for each of my boys.  They had Adidas sliders for only $10.  I had been searching online these and they were double that price online.  So check out local Burlington Coat Factory.  You may be surprised what you find!


Rainbows? Yes Please!


I hope this trend sticks around for a while, because it sure makes me happy!  Here are some of our favorite 2018 rainbow trends:

Moms in Rainbow Stripe


Watch: Urban Outfitters

Sweater: Forever 21


Dress: Asos

Swim: Albionfit


Pants: Nordstrom

Clutch: OhJoy

Kids in Rainbow Stripe


Romper: Cotton On

Shoes: Next Direct


Jacket: Little Bird by Jools

Pinafore: Taylor Joelle

Socks and Purse: Next Direct

Celebrities in Rainbow Stripe



Sarah Jessica Parker

chloe grace moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz

mollie king

Mollie King

What does Taylor Joelle have in store?

Rainbow Tutu Dress – coming soon!



Watch Out for Pink Dinosaurs

Our dinosaur tutu dress was such a hit, that we thought we’d bring it back.  This time in pink!  Here’s a throw back to our previous one.

Photo: @KcstaufferIMG_1799 (2)

Here’s our Taylor Joelle pink version coming April!


This dino tutu makes the perfect party dress for your dinosaur loving girl!  Here’s a few dino party ideas:

Dinosaur Party Invitations (these invites alone want to make me plan a dino party)

Source: Oh Happy Plan


Perfect DIY party favor: Dino Egg Soap.

Instructions can be found on buzzfeed


Dino Paleontologist Sheet Cake

Source: Butterlust

dino dig chocolate sheet cake 1.png

Activity: Digging for Dinosaurs

Hide a bunch of plastic dinosaurs in a pool full for sand, for the party guests to dig and find.  Source: Catch My Party

dino dig

Lace Tutu Dress

We’ve got several tutu dresses in production, but I want to give you a peek at what Taylor Joelle  tutu dress is coming next!  Our pink lace tutu!

These have a zipper in the back, and a soft knit lining under the tulle.  They will launch the last week of March!

It’s the perfect special occasion dress!



Easter Egg Cactus DIY


Easter is approaching and I am stoked about decorating my mantel.  I thought it would be fun to paint some “cactus” eggs like I’ve seen around Pinterest.  This craft was so easy and fun!  Here’s what I used:

Plain white artificial eggs at Walmart

Tiny pots from Michael Craft

Acrylic Paint

Dirt (yup, I just used real dirt in these post)

Pink Felt

Glue Gun

I started by painting the eggs green.  Once the paint was dry, I took a tiny paint brush to make the white dotted lines.  As the eggs were drying I painted the pots.  To make the flower on top of the eggs, I took a tiny piece of felt, scrunched it up and glued it to the top with hot glue.  I then used hot glue to make the eggs stick to the dirt (although mine would probably stay put in the pot without the hot glue).

Easy right?

LeapPad Ultimate

I was so happy to receive a LeapPad from Leapfrog to review.  I reached out to them because I am obsessed with this brand.


Leapfrog videos are what taught my older kids their letters.  No joke, my 17 month old son (Cooper) could say each letter and sound.  It was all from those leap and lily videos (I wish I could take credit lol).

The LeapPad is the perfect thing for Cohen.  Here’s what I love:

  1.  It serves as a tablet.  It’s no secret that Cohen loves his tv shows.  He’s always borrowing my phone to watch them online.  With the LeapPad I am able to download those shows.  There’s so many of them (shimmer and shine, octonauts, paw patrol, team umizoomi, and tons more).  The shows cost a few dollars for a bundle, but it’s worth it to me to have them downloaded onto the tablet (especially for road trips).
  2. There’s 100s of amazing learning games.  The device includes many free apps that are amazing!  They teach letters, emotions, words, reading.  I love the reading app.  You can select their level.  With Cohen the story will be read to him while showing the words.  With my older son Bauer, he will read the story himself.  They are interactive stories, so your child may think they are just playing a game lol.
  3. The way that Leap and Lily teach letters, I believe is pure genius.  I method that works so quickly.  So it’s fun to have the Leap and Lily activities right on the tablet.
  4. Back in the day we use to have the leapfrog toys and they all needed batteries (kind of annoying).  Now you don’t need to worry about batteries.  You can charge them overnight for hours of play.

Here’s a little demo video of Cohen with his LeapPad Ultimate

Buffalo Check Pinafore!

We are thrilled about what’s in store for Taylor Joelle.  Lots and lots of pinafores coming this spring.  One of our favorites is this buffalo check pinafore.  So many fun ways to style it!

We will also be doing matching bows!

Pinafores and Bows: Taylor Joelle

Shirts and Socks: Next Direct




Wan’t a fun mommy/me matching look?

Check out this adorable gingham dress on ASOS