DIY Dinosaur Garland

A Dinosaur Birthday for your dino loving child? Yes please! Taylor Joelle has a new Dinosaur Dress hitting the site June 2nd. It’s the perfect party dress complete with modern and bright colors, and twirly layers of tulle so they are photoshoot-ready.

Scroll down to see our showcase of fun Dino Party ideas to match the dress. Here’s an easy tutorial for a Dinosaur Birthday Garland…

Materials Needed:

Plastic Dinosaurs

Screw Eyes


Spray Paint Primer

Acrylic Paint (from any local craft store)

Command Hooks

Click here to watch the video tutorial!

We’ve gone through each step in this video tutorial. If you prefer written instructions, here they are:

  1. Use spray paint primer to prime each dinosaur.
  2. Once the primer is dry, paint on acrylic paint of your choice. Make take a few touch up coats.
  3. After pain is dry, poke a small hole (using a knife or scissors) to the top of the dinosaur
  4. Screw the screw eye into the hole (no need to push down).
  5. lay out your dinosaurs along the twine and knot each dinosaur into place.
  6. Use command hooks to secure the garland on your wall, table and mantel.

The coordinating dinosaur prints and invites can be found through Hey Cute Design

Dinosaur Party Dress launches June 2nd at Taylor Joelle

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