Ivory Lace Dress!

Our ivory lace dress launch was such a success!  Thanks to everyone for their orders!  These dresses will ship out November 5th!  Can’t wait to see your little ones in them.

I’m in love with these photo’s I received from  Hello.Scout!  This dress really is so classy, and the style options are endless!

We’ve got a few dresses left.  Purchase HERE



Christmas For Teens

I have a tween (almost a teen)  so Christmas “toys” are a little harder to find.  However, one thing I have found for her is the Soniclear Elite from Michael Todd Beauty.   She loves beauty product, facials, and fun gadgets, so this will be perfect.

I was sent this product to review, and I love it! I am going to need to borrow it from her because it’s so cool!  Several different brushes for face, massage, body, and even feet.   This is the best way to clear you skin and helps get deep into your pours.  The Soniclear elite has a special technology where the brushes are antimicrobial so they stay clean.

I think I will go with a “spa” theme and give her this system a long with some other posh beauty product and her own fuzzy robe.

So excited!

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Another Great Gift Idea

 So excited to be on the hunt for awesome gift ideas and deals! Today, I’ve found a product that will be great for any age. My Taylor (12 years old) is obsessed with gel pens (and her brothers like to steal them from her).  Amazapens brand in my opinion is the best! The ink seems to last longer, and they work really really well!

I was send these pens to review, and I give it 5 stars!  I’m not the only ones.  Check out their amazon reviews.  5 stars with over 1000 reviews.

They retail for $35.99, but are currently on sale for $19.97 AND I have a 20% off code for you which will bring them down to only $15.97.  The code is blog2020 and expires Oct. 29th.

You can purchase HERE



AILIHEN C8 Headphones with Microphone (promo code in post)

I was sent a pair of Ailihen headphones to review, and I am super impressed!  The packaging is great, and makes for an awesome Christmas gift.


headphones 3.JPG

They fold up nice and compatible for your purse or backpack.   They are also super padded and really comfortable.



The headphones have a nice long cord, and a microphone with volume control.  Perfect for gaming.

You can’t go wrong with these headphones. I  totally recommend grabbing a pair.  Perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas gift.

And I’ve saved the best for last.  You can get them for 40% off of $19.98 making your total $11.98.  Regular price is $45.98

Use code:  7BUXMF4N

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Essential Oil Diffuser by Islands Miracle

I was sent this diffuser from Islands Miracle to review.  I love diffusing oils.   My kids take turns with the diffuser in their rooms since they love it so much (I need to get one for each room).  I diffuse lavender during the night for them to help with their sleep.  I have a son with ashtma, and I love diffusing a “breath” blend for him.

I love how this diffuser also serves as a color changing nightlight.  Makes it fun and practical for the kids at night.  You can also use it without the light if that’s what you prefer.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, simply remove top, add water to fill line, add your favorite essential oils, replace top and push button.
1st button press turns the diffuser on and light rotation mode. 2nd button press holds the current color. 3rd button press turns off the light but the diffuser stays on. 4th button press turns off the diffuser.

It’s deeply discounted right now on amazon.  You can purchase HERE