LeapPad Ultimate

I was so happy to receive a LeapPad from Leapfrog to review.  I reached out to them because I am obsessed with this brand.


Leapfrog videos are what taught my older kids their letters.  No joke, my 17 month old son (Cooper) could say each letter and sound.  It was all from those leap and lily videos (I wish I could take credit lol).

The LeapPad is the perfect thing for Cohen.  Here’s what I love:

  1.  It serves as a tablet.  It’s no secret that Cohen loves his tv shows.  He’s always borrowing my phone to watch them online.  With the LeapPad I am able to download those shows.  There’s so many of them (shimmer and shine, octonauts, paw patrol, team umizoomi, and tons more).  The shows cost a few dollars for a bundle, but it’s worth it to me to have them downloaded onto the tablet (especially for road trips).
  2. There’s 100s of amazing learning games.  The device includes many free apps that are amazing!  They teach letters, emotions, words, reading.  I love the reading app.  You can select their level.  With Cohen the story will be read to him while showing the words.  With my older son Bauer, he will read the story himself.  They are interactive stories, so your child may think they are just playing a game lol.
  3. The way that Leap and Lily teach letters, I believe is pure genius.  I method that works so quickly.  So it’s fun to have the Leap and Lily activities right on the tablet.
  4. Back in the day we use to have the leapfrog toys and they all needed batteries (kind of annoying).  Now you don’t need to worry about batteries.  You can charge them overnight for hours of play.

Here’s a little demo video of Cohen with his LeapPad Ultimate

Soniclear Petite


Taylor has been doing a lot of tennis, which means a lot of sweating, which has caused her some acne.  She been complaining this past month of having tiny bumps on her cheeks (really wish I had of taken a before picture).  Not horrible, but these clusters of bumps (probably acne) were really bothering her.

They are now, almost gone and here are 2 things that have really helped.

  1. Her Soniclear Petite, by Michael Todd Beauty.

It’s an electric cleansing brush that is gentle, has different speeds depending on your skin, and can be used daily.  It also has a automatic timer that beeps, so she knows then to switch to another section of her face.  It’s antimicrobial protection for life.  So I never have to worry about it collecting germs and bacterial.   Taylor loves the feeling of the brush against her skin, so it makes face washing kind of enjoyable.

It can be purchased HERE  #soniclear



2.  Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is the second thing that has really helped Taylor’s skin clear up.  I had read a few forums online where witch hazel was recommended, so we thought we would give it a try.  It’s super cheap, and really seemed to do the trick.  There’s an article on the uses and benefits of witch hazel, that can be found HERE

I hope this info was helpful.  Taylor feels much more comfortable with her skin.

#soniclear #ad


Christmas For Teens

I have a tween (almost a teen)  so Christmas “toys” are a little harder to find.  However, one thing I have found for her is the Soniclear Elite from Michael Todd Beauty.   She loves beauty product, facials, and fun gadgets, so this will be perfect.

I was sent this product to review, and I love it! I am going to need to borrow it from her because it’s so cool!  Several different brushes for face, massage, body, and even feet.   This is the best way to clear you skin and helps get deep into your pours.  The Soniclear elite has a special technology where the brushes are antimicrobial so they stay clean.

I think I will go with a “spa” theme and give her this system a long with some other posh beauty product and her own fuzzy robe.

So excited!

Get 20% off the system when you purchase HERE





Another Great Gift Idea

 So excited to be on the hunt for awesome gift ideas and deals! Today, I’ve found a product that will be great for any age. My Taylor (12 years old) is obsessed with gel pens (and her brothers like to steal them from her).  Amazapens brand in my opinion is the best! The ink seems to last longer, and they work really really well!

I was send these pens to review, and I give it 5 stars!  I’m not the only ones.  Check out their amazon reviews.  5 stars with over 1000 reviews.

They retail for $35.99, but are currently on sale for $19.97 AND I have a 20% off code for you which will bring them down to only $15.97.  The code is blog2020 and expires Oct. 29th.

You can purchase HERE



Essential Oil Diffuser by Islands Miracle

I was sent this diffuser from Islands Miracle to review.  I love diffusing oils.   My kids take turns with the diffuser in their rooms since they love it so much (I need to get one for each room).  I diffuse lavender during the night for them to help with their sleep.  I have a son with ashtma, and I love diffusing a “breath” blend for him.

I love how this diffuser also serves as a color changing nightlight.  Makes it fun and practical for the kids at night.  You can also use it without the light if that’s what you prefer.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, simply remove top, add water to fill line, add your favorite essential oils, replace top and push button.
1st button press turns the diffuser on and light rotation mode. 2nd button press holds the current color. 3rd button press turns off the light but the diffuser stays on. 4th button press turns off the diffuser.

It’s deeply discounted right now on amazon.  You can purchase HERE




Nancy Drew Codes and Clues

We recently downloaded the app Nancy Drew Codes and Clues. We received it for free to review, and i am really impressed with how the app is organized and what it teaches.

I’m all about trying to get my kids to learn coding.  My son often goes to a free coding class at our local library.  It’s great to start learning this skill young.  This app is entertaining and it teaches coding basics.  The kids will learn coding, problem solving and many other critical thinking skills, all while being entertained.

You can view more information and the trailer for this app HERE






Anaiti Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Serum Review

We received our Anaiti anti -wrinkle smoothing serum in the mail last week and I brought it with us to our family reunion so we could all try it.

Such a cool product.  I love the fact that it works instantly.  I immediately noticed my face feeling firmer/tighter.  And within minutes those around me were noticing the results.  My family was also really excited to put it to the test and see their results.

It’s super easy to use.  just squirt a few drops on your finger tips and gently rub them upward on the areas of your face that need it most.  So much safer and cheaper than botox!

The thing that made me most excited to try this product was the amazon reviews.  People love this product, and I am now excited that I have it in my possession!

Check out the reviews and purchase HERE






Wipe Warmer Review

We received our wipe warmer today from Bundle Tumble and I am super impressed!  Such a cool invention!  Cohen hates cold wipes when we change him, so this is perfect.

It’s super easy to assemble.  Just take it out of the box, plus the cord into your warmer, and  then into the wall.  There’s a temperature cap to prevent it from getting too hot, and a little light that will turn green to show the wipes are ready for use.  It holds up to 80 standard wipes.  There’s a nice large lid for easy refills.

I love this idea for a baby shower gift!

Some fun features:

Cohen definately approves.  You can purchase HERE

bundle tumble

cohen reaching wipes

cohen and wipes

This product was sent to us free of charge from Bundle Tumbler.