Introducing… Taylor Joelle Luxe!

We have been dying to do some local manufacturing.  So, after much deliberation, we have decided to start “Taylor Joelle Luxe”.  This will be our upscale line.  Old Navy has Gap, and Gap has Banana right?  Well, now Taylor Joelle has Taylor Joelle Luxe. 
So what is different about Taylor Joelle Luxe? 
First off, these items will be “Made in the USA”.   We love the idea of being able to choose from some of our favorite American Fabric designers.  We also love that we are close by for quality control (our first dress will be produced in a facility less than an hour away from our location). The best part? We are able to employ American workers! 
Second is that our quantities are limited. Usually we produce at least 1000 per style in China. With our Luxe line we may only produce as low as 300 per style.  So these will be very exclusive and limited designs. 
We have decided to begin with just 1 item.  The first item will be our Taylor Joelle knot dress.  Here’s a rough sketch so you can see a sneak peak (the fabric scale is way off on this sketch).   Sizes will be 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T
And the fabrics we have chosen are from Amy Butler’s Lark collection

We can’t wait to offer this dress to our wonderful Taylor Joelle customers in a couple months.  Stay tuned.. we will definitely be posting pics of the dress to our facebook fans as soon we get our hands on a sample. 
What’s next for Taylor Joelle Luxe?  Sky is the limit!  My husband is working on some pretty sweet cardigan designs for the fall.  They are grandpa cardigans with elbow pads and all.  Love it!

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