Inspiration For Our Next Collection!

Fall feels like a long ways away, but in the world of “Taylor Joelle” it is approaching very quickly. We wanted to give you a little peek at what we have planned for fall. First of all, we are so thrilled with how this collection is coming together. Some of the collection items include: ivory lace shirt with ruffle sleeve, a toddler girls’ dress, ruffle skirt with coordinating shirt (which will go up to at least size 8), a romper, tie, knit hat, and maybe a few more surprises.

We received our color inspiration from: – Gotta love greens and purples!

We used the one and only Rachel Cave (a London based pattern designer) to design our floral print (because floral is so hot right now right?) We are so pleased with her work!

Here’s a picture of Taylor Joelle wearing one our our samples. Doesn’t she looks so happy to be photographed? The sample was made with fabric scraps on hand. The printed white fabric will be changed to our Rachel Cave floral fabric. 

We look forward to introducing larger sizes for this collection. There will be something for everyone!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks!

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