Wordless Wednesday 1/11 with LINKY

I know, it is Tuesday night! But, I have noticed a trend that most people put up their Wordless Wednesday posts the night before so that they can add them to more link ups. So, here is our post on a Tuesday night. Look at these little cuties in their Taylor Joelle Ties! ADORABLE!

Check out these other fun Wordless Wednesday posts and feel free to post your own FAMILY FRIENDLY Wordless Wednesday post too!


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 1/11 with LINKY

  1. kewkew

    Aww, so handsome. Love the little ties.
    Have to say, since I started including a linky with my WW people have been linking up earlier and earlier. I noticed a while back so many were going up Tues evening, now they are going up earlier and earlier. I now post mine at 5:30pm instead of 6:30 and there are so many already up. I've noticed some even post theirs Tues morning. Soon we are going to have to rename this to Wordless Tuesday. Just thought I would share my thoughts as you had mentioned it. Have a great day.


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