April Fools Day

I just realized that April fools is this week!  I am not one to put a ton of time and effort into the pranks, but I did find a few on Pinterest and Buzzfeed that I think I might try.  What do you do on April Fools?

1.  Hiding inside the toilet – my kids would get a huge kick out of this one.

2.  This would be hilarious to do at school.  I gotta show my kids!

3.  My kind of prank.  Doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to set up.  I wonder if my kids will fall for it?  I guess we will find out. 
4.  Googley Eyes.  I like this one because it’s cute!
5.  Mentos and Coke.  Not sure that I will even attempt this one, but it’s a pretty awesome idea.
Hope you all have a fun April Fools Day!

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