Welles’ Big Boy Nursery

We were so excited to be able to take part in National Down Syndrome Day with Welles (we were included in a giveaway held to create positive awareness).  Welles’ Mom, Oakley has such an amazing outlook on his diagnoses and counts it as a blessing.  In her words:
Not one single day goes by that I don’t thank the heavens above for my sweet son AND his diagnosis. That’s right, I’m grateful that my son was born with that one extra chromosome causing him to be a beautiful child with Down Syndrome! I celebrate the heck out of Down Syndrome and the individuals that have it! Sure, it might add some extra doctors appointments and learning curves (for himand us), and sure, there are some inconveniences with added health precautions and therapy for speaking, mobility, and day-to-day activities… BUT that’s nothing when you get the trade-off of looking into the eyes of the purest little soul of the happiest little human, every. single. day.”
Her blog, Nothing Down About It, is amazing and uplifting.  Such a beautiful outlook on Down Syndrome.  
To celebrate, this special day, Oilo helped create a big boy room!  It turned out amazing! Visit Nothing Down About it for links to everything included in his new room.  

Isn’t he the cutest?!!!  And I am in love with his room. 
Here’s a pic of Welle’s cute big sister wearing our vintage bow dress


I am so happy I discovered Oakley’s blog, and I love reading her beautiful words about sweet Welles.  

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