2015 Hairstyle Trends: Cuts, Colors, and Styles

We are one month into 2015! It’s time for a new and fresh look for the new year. I know that I am looking to update my hair, and Jenny (our owner and designer) is too! We have been checking out what the hairstyle trends are for 2015 and we are loving it.


One of our favorite trends for cuts? BANGS are back! But, did they ever leave? Any excuse to look more like Taylor Swift is ok in my book. I wish that I had the face shape to rock some bangs, but Jenny is planning to get bangs this week, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Short blunt cuts with choppy layers are also hot this year, and I am loving it!


Say goodbye to ombre in 2015 – but not entirely. You can still keep your love of blonde on your ends, but with a more natural look. Balayage highlights are big in 2015. These type of highlights mimic the sunkissed highlights you had as a child. Also a darker version that is similar to balayage called tortoiseshell is very popular in 2015. It’s a slightly richer and darker version of your natural color with golden highlights that focus more on the ends of the hair. It’s usually lighter on the ends and darker near the roots, so it is more like a sophisticated version of your previous ombre colored hair.


We LOVE beach waves and braids for 2015! Long hair or short hair – beach wave curls give such a naturally beautiful look that lasts throughout the day. These styles have such a boho feeling to them, and it’s gorgeous. Check out our Favorite Hairstyles for 2015 blog post for tutorials on so many fun hair styles!

Also, do yourself a favor and follow the MM and L Show on youtube for hair and makeup advice from Michelle Money (TV personality from ABC’s the Bachelor and host of Good Things Utah) and her bestie Laura Armstrong. Her signature “Money Curl” tutorial changed my life years ago, and I haven’t ever looked back! Their make up tips are on point and are so easy to follow. I am often asked where I learned how to apply my make up so well, and I have to give Michelle Money the credit every time.

For more fashion tips for you and for your little ones make sure to follow our blog and check us out on Instagram and Pinterest. Also, check us our at taylorjoelle.com for fresh, fun, fashion for your kids!

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