Board Game Makeover

Board games can be such an eye sore! 

I love this fabulous idea that my mom, Diane Robison, came up with. Why not paint the board games and relabel them? You could do any color combo to match your decor. How fun! So, I instantly wanted to try this idea out.

Step 1:

Paint your games. I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. I am sure other paints would work, but I had some leftover chalk paint sitting around, so I decided to go with that. It took 2-3 coats per game I was able to do this really fast. Each coat took only about 2 minutes to put on. I didn’t even bother painting the bottom of the games.

Step 2.

Find some fun fonts and print out the labels. You could print this on sticky paper, but we just printed them on standard paper.

Step 3.

Check out your local craft store (or your personal craft cupboard) for some fun scrapbook paper to put behind each label. We also bought some decorative brads to go on either side of the label. We went to archivers.

Step 4.

Cut out your scrapbook paper. We left about an inch on either side for the brads.

Step 5.

Use liquitex Matte Medium to glue your scrapbook paper on, and then to glue our label on. Unless you have a laser printer (we used an ink jet printer) be sure to gently blot/dab the glue over the label, or the ink will run.


Step 6.

Remove the bottoms from your brads, and using a glue gun, glue them on each side of the label. Then voila, you are finished! I have such a creative and crafty mom!

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