Beloved Shirts – A New Kind of Fashion

Ever heard of Beloved Shirts? I may be a little biased because the owner is my brother, but I am in love with this company! They produce anything from pickle shirts, to gummy bear sweatshirts. They have been in business less than a year, and already have a big following! They already have 48k fans so far on instagram, and they have been contacted by big companies such as Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Teen Vogue; not to mention Ryan Seacrest’s team, and many others.

What has really excited me is that they now produce kid and baby clothing. I went to check out the factory yesterday as they were testing onesie production.

My kids have been begging for some Beloved tees, so I was able to bring home this “Stone” tee for my 7 year old boy who loves minecraft, and this adorable cupcakes tee for Taylor. 
If you have a starwars obsessed child, I highly recommend this chewy tee 
And I absolutely love their pancake shirt (worn by my adorable nephew)
Beloved Shirts also does custom designs, so sky is the limit! 
P.S. – for $10 off your order enter promocode amanda10

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