Top 5 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Are you welcoming a new bundle of joy soon? Or are you helping to plan a shower for someone who is? My sister is in her second trimester, and I want to help to throw her a shower that she treasure. I was looking for ideas that were original and sentimental. I asked our facebook fans to share their ideas, and was so impressed with the response. This will be a list of my top 5 ideas shared by our fans. Enjoy.

1. Have the guests bring a book instead of card or guest book and have them write an inscription on the inside. Have people sign children’s books instead of a guest book. Momma can share with her little one someday all the people who were there to share the joy when they read the book(s) together!

(Credit for photo to

2. Ask the guests to each bring a baby picture of themselves. Then, at the shower have everyone try to guess who belongs to which picture. It’s a fun activity that gives people a chance to get to know one another. 

(Yes, this is a baby pic of me. -Brooke)
3. As an activity at the shower, have everyone decorate a quilt block. Then make the quilt for baby’s arrival. 
(Credit for photo to
4. For a treat and decoration that is too cute to handle, check out this adorable treat box from Hobby Lobby. There is a recipe for a yummy popcorn treat at the Scissors and Spatulas blog. 
(Credit for photo to

5. Create a birthing necklace. Ask all of the guests to bring a bead of their choice to the shower. At the shower, the host would start out by saying a piece of advice, blessing or a prayer as she says her piece, she threads her bead on a piece of rope or yarn, chain. Pass it along and each guest will say something something special and thred their bead on. At the end, the mom to be has a momento from the shower that she can have in the delivery room as a reminder of all the prayers and encouragement she received for the big day! 

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Looking for baby shower gift ideas? Look no further! Taylor Joelle Designs has unique items that will be treasured by the mom to be! Here are just a few ideas:

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  1. Taylor Joelle Designs


    I will do that now. I am so glad to know the source for this adorable box. We found it on google through images and it wasn't linking back to the post that it originated from. That is why it says photo credit to google. I will change it now to give you the credit and link back to your page. We love the idea for these boxes!



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