Who’s Craving More Sorbet? Introducing Sorbet Collection Rompers!

Last week we introduced our Sorbet Collection to you with the launch of our Sorbet Pettiskirts. We promised that Sorbet Rompers would soon be released. The wait is over! The Rompers are now available at taylorjoelle.com! If you are hungry for some bright and fun rompers this spring, Taylor Joelle will fill your craving! We were very entertained at this photo shoot full of babies! Very many thanks to Heather Telford Photography for never ceasing to impress us with her amazing photography talents! How many people can get a great photograph of 7 babies (4 of which were walking away from the camera most of the time). So tell me, what’s your favorite Sorbet flavor?

Is it banana?

Is it blueberry?
Is it raspberry?

Or possibly orange raspberry?
Or do you love classic vanilla?
Here are a few more group shots that we just couldn’t resist sharing with you. 
Couldn’t you just eat them up?

My favorite caption that someone left on our facebook page for this next picture is:
“Yellow is saying ‘what a bunch of babies!’ 
White one is saying ‘What can I say? We are babies.'”

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