Another Epic Puppy Party!

We’ve seen a lot of adorable puppy parties, but this one has a twist! A party for YOUR puppy! Cute Ziggy turned 1! His mamma @blyssphotography did the most adorable puppy party for him! So excited that our Puppy 2.0 dress was included (ziggy is one of the pups on the dress!)

Our friend @janburgard created the adorable puppy cookies using Taylor Joelle cookie cutters, She does a wonderful job carefully packaging and shipping the cookies.

My mom, Diane Robison, does adorable party printables to match the dress.

The adorable party hats are from @littleblueolvie  and the ball garland is from @peaberrystudio

We’ve got shirts to match the puppy dress here

Can’t wait to see puppy puppy parties!! Thanks so much Blyss Photography for sharing this one with us!