Moana Preschool Crafts! Pua the Pig.

Moana releases to DVD next week!  I’ve put together some crafts to celebrate launch day!    Cohen loves these.  It’s such a fun activity for his age group.

Moana Craft 1: Pua the Pig





  • small paper plate
  • pink pipe cleaner
  • stapler
  • pink paper
  • black marker or pencil crayon
  • googly eyes
  • glue


Pre-cut the nose and ears.  Then you can have your child draw the dark circle for the eye, the nostrils of the nose, and the mouth.  They can glue it on.   After curling the pipe cleaner, staple it to the plate.


DIY Plastic Animal Necklaces

animal necklaces

A perfect easy craft activity that the kids will love!!  We did these today and it was definitely a success.

I’ve been inspired by these awesome J Crew animal necklaces, and decided that I need to make some with the kids.



So here’s our kid friendly DIY project.


  1.  Plastic Turtles (you could also use dinosaurs, zoo animals or whatever they have available.  I have seen lizards that would be cute too).  Amazon sells them HERE



2.  Screw Eyes – I bought mine at Joanns (with my 40% off coupon)


3.  Paint and Brushes.  We tried a few acrylic paints out, and surprisingly my favorite brand was the cheap brand “craft essentials” that I picked up at Joanns.  It covered really well.


4.  Clear Sealant.  This is optional, but if you want a nice shiny coat and protection from chipping, it would be a good idea.

5.  Cord. We used stretchy cord similar to this


If you want to match the jcrew necklace closey, you can buy ball and chain necklaces suppliers from ETSY



Step 1:

Paint your turtles (don’t my shirtless boys, they were ready for a swim.




Step 2.  Once your turtle is dry, screw in the screw eye.  This was hard for the kids to do, so I did this step for them.  Simply decide where you want to have the ring, and then poke the sharp end into the toy and screw it in until it’s tight.


Step 3.  If you want to add the clear sealant you can do this now (or before the screw eye goes in, it doesn’t matter.

Step 4.  Cut the stretchy cord long enough so it can fit over their head and tie a single know like this:



And all done!  My kids really enjoyed this.  Taylor has a friend participating and she said she loves her necklace!




Art Projects for Kids

Summer’s coming, and it’s time to start thinking of some fun projects to keep the kids busy!  When I was little, before google and Pinterest, I loved to whip out my “make and do” book that was filled with arts and craft ideas.  Now it’s a whole new game with Pinterest.  Here’s some of my favorites that I have seen recently

1.  Magazine Face Art

Cut our a face from a magazine or a book you aren’t using, glue it to a paper, and complete the picture.  Love this Mona Lisa one!


mona lisa

2.  Opt-Art

What a cool idea this is!  I have never tried it, but I am definitely going to give it a go with the kids!  A tutorial can be found at The Frugal Crafter

DCF 1.0


3  Watercolor Squirt Gun Painting – Why Not?

It seems kinda messy, but if it keeps them outside, I think it’s a win.  Plus you may end up with some modern art masterpieces.  Tutorial can be found HERE.


4.  Rock Painting.  You could have them decorate individual rocks to place around your garden, or try this pretty cool Cactus centerpiece.  Tutorial HERE


So there ya go!  A few fun projects to get you through some of those upcoming summer days.  I can’t wait to try them with my gang.




Easy, Inexpensive Photography Props!

It’s always fun to have a little photo shoot!  We just love when it’s shoot day with Heather Telford!   We love to come up with some quick inexpensive photography props.  Here are a few ideas!

  1.  Spray Paint.  For yesterday’s shoot we spray painted a pineapple.  Super cheap, super easy, and we loved how it turned out!  Our serenity dress will be for sale at the end of  this month.

image1 (1)

2.  Marker, or eyeliner to create this fun idea!  Makes for a great silly shot!


Image found on Pinterest

4.  Balloons.  It’s amazing what a few balloons can do for a photo!



4.  Tape some flowers to a wall.  We did this for a tutu skirt shoot and I couldn’t have been happier.




5.  Add an unexpected toy as a prop.  We loved throwing this VW in our romper shoot!


6.  Find a colorful wall, and snap away!




7.  Giant Paper Flowers!  There’s a bunch of tutorials on Pinterest.  Here is one to try: Design Sponge


Photo shoots can be so much fun!  Release the creativity in you!  We am looking forward to our next one!

DIY Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

Say what??  You can chalk paint fabric?  Yes, yes you can, and it’s pretty incredible.  In fact so incredible that I am currently addicted and need to do some thrift shopping so I can do more more more! This was so fun, and so easy!

So this chair, wasn’t aloud in my house.  It was sitting on my porch because I loved the shape and didn’t want to toss it, but I didn’t fit well with my decor.  Now it might just be my favorite new piece

To prep the chair for painting I washed it with a damp rag and used a spray bottle to get it wet.

We then mixed our Annie Sloan chalk paint with about 20% of water (mixed it in a paper bowl).

You will need to play with the consistency.  The blog post I read said it should feel like tomato soup. I then went to work painting away.  I didn’t even need to tape the wood part of the chair since I used a small brush around the edges.

I purposely only did one coat since I wanted the stripes to peek through.  Then I did 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s white chalk paint on the wood.

Super easy and simple!

So people keep asking me “isn’t it super uncomfortable,  and doesn’t it crack?  Well, so far so good.  It’s not softest piece of fabric you have ever felt, but it’s not super rough either.  I am very happy with how it turned out and would do it again and again.

The tutorial I used was from Chalk Worthy  Love the way here chairs turned out.

Have a great weekend!


Welles’ Big Boy Nursery

We were so excited to be able to take part in National Down Syndrome Day with Welles (we were included in a giveaway held to create positive awareness).  Welles’ Mom, Oakley has such an amazing outlook on his diagnoses and counts it as a blessing.  In her words:
Not one single day goes by that I don’t thank the heavens above for my sweet son AND his diagnosis. That’s right, I’m grateful that my son was born with that one extra chromosome causing him to be a beautiful child with Down Syndrome! I celebrate the heck out of Down Syndrome and the individuals that have it! Sure, it might add some extra doctors appointments and learning curves (for himand us), and sure, there are some inconveniences with added health precautions and therapy for speaking, mobility, and day-to-day activities… BUT that’s nothing when you get the trade-off of looking into the eyes of the purest little soul of the happiest little human, every. single. day.”
Her blog, Nothing Down About It, is amazing and uplifting.  Such a beautiful outlook on Down Syndrome.  
To celebrate, this special day, Oilo helped create a big boy room!  It turned out amazing! Visit Nothing Down About it for links to everything included in his new room.  

Isn’t he the cutest?!!!  And I am in love with his room. 
Here’s a pic of Welle’s cute big sister wearing our vintage bow dress


I am so happy I discovered Oakley’s blog, and I love reading her beautiful words about sweet Welles.