Stairs Makeover

We’ve slowly been redoing our home, and so happy to finally have the stairs made over. The railing will eventually change, but that isn’t a priority for us yet.

We used cedar fence material (and white washed it) for the wall. We showed a picture to our contractor of the style staircase we love, and he stained the wood to match our flooring. The white is particle board.

Here’s the scary before picture:

Master Bedroom Progress – Modern Farmhouse Style.

We have had so much fun renovating our home this year! I wish I had of taken “before” pictures of our master bedroom (ugly old carpet, no trim, and “boob” lights). We’ve knocked out a few walls, and it’s no so airy and open!

We still need some more art up on the walls, a rug, and possibly an accent chair, but here’s the progress. I will link the products at the bottom of this page. Some links may be affiliate links that I earn commission from.

We had the bed custom and storage benches made custom. The bench opens up so we can use it for storage.
Our previous TV was pretty bulky and black. We were going to wait until Christmas to purchase this Samsung Frame TV, but caved since it looks so nice in this room! When it’s not playing the TV, it’s art (you can select from several art styles). We bought the beige frame for this TV separately.
We purchased the frames from IKEA and my mom Diane Robison helped create the art.

Bedding: Opal House at Target.

Baskets: Amazon

Flooring: Wayfair

Trim: Cedar plank fencing (white washed)

TV: Amazon

TV Frame: Amazon

Picture Frames: Ikea

Madeline – A Simple Book Character Costume

I love a good versatile children’s dress. This one can be so many things!

  1. A school uniform dress (the bow is removable)
  2. A dress for book character day at school – Madeline
  3. A Halloween costume. How cool would it be to have a group of matching Madelines trick or treating!?
  4. Sailor Moon outfit?
  5. Donald Duck?

Any more you can think of? This is fun! Dress coming to Taylor Joelle in July 2020

Hat – from etsy

Shoes – Freshly Picked

Another Epic Puppy Party!

We’ve seen a lot of adorable puppy parties, but this one has a twist! A party for YOUR puppy! Cute Ziggy turned 1! His mamma @blyssphotography did the most adorable puppy party for him! So excited that our Puppy 2.0 dress was included (ziggy is one of the pups on the dress!)

Our friend @janburgard created the adorable puppy cookies using Taylor Joelle cookie cutters, She does a wonderful job carefully packaging and shipping the cookies.

My mom, Diane Robison, does adorable party printables to match the dress.

The adorable party hats are from @littleblueolvie  and the ball garland is from @peaberrystudio

We’ve got shirts to match the puppy dress here

Can’t wait to see puppy puppy parties!! Thanks so much Blyss Photography for sharing this one with us!

So Many Ways to Be (or Dress) Wicked

We are gearing up for Halloween, and so excited to bring you Descendants inspired dresses!  These Dresses will be available at Taylor Joelle middle of September.   They are inspired by Mal and Evie.  You can dress them up for a Halloween Mal or Evie Costume,  a Descendants party, or you can simply wear them to school and everyday activities.  They are comfortable, and not too costumey (unless you add the accessories of course).


As we were prepping for our photo shoot, we found some awesome props that I thought we’d share with you.

Evie Outfit:

  • Wig – Amazon
  • Red Jacket – Amazon
  • Red Gloves – Amazon
  • Shoes – We used some inexpensive ones off amazon, but I don’t recommend them.  They were flimsy and fell apart quickly.  Here’s some that look nice – Mila Lady 

Mal Outfit:

  • Wig – Amazon
  • Descendants Brand Jacket – Amazon
  • Shoes – Amazon  Or if she has a pair of Dr. Martens boots, those would be awesome!
  • Descendants Brand Necklace – Amazon
  • Gloves – Don’t buy the Descendants Mal Brand.  They were very long and narrow.  Any black fingerless gloves should do.

Cohen’s Carlos shirt is from the Disney Store



Here’s a few photos without all the accessories.  As you can see, they make a great everyday dress too!

Snow White Inspired Dress

Are you looking for an outfit for your little girl to wear on your next Disney Trip?  How fun is this Snow White inspired dress?  It super comfortable, so she won’t feel itchy or uncomfortable during a long day at Disney.

Not going to Disneyland?  This dress has so many options:

  • Back to School
  • Snow White Halloween Costume
  • Princess Birthday Party Dress
  • Dress-up

Or simply, a new fun dress to add to her closet.  These launch in September at Taylor Joelle!

Is it Dress Up? You Decide!

We are so excited about our Character Collection at Taylor Joelle Designs 

Our purpose in these dresses is to make ultra comfortable princess dresses that aren’t too “dress-upy” to wear out of the house.   Typical dress-up never seems to last too long.  These wash well, and can be worn over and over again.

If you are planning a princess birthday party, a Halloween costume, or a Disney vacation outfit, these will be perfect!  They can be worn for that special occasion, plus hold up for everyday use!

Here’s what’s hitting the site August 15th (plus a couple more).


Here’s a closer look!

  1.  The Rapunzel inspired dress.  There’s tiny suns on the bodice.  Isn’t this braid epic?  Tutorial coming soon!


2.  The Ariel Inspired Dress.  Much more comfortable than a mermaid tail.

4.  Anna and Elsa inspired dresses.  Great timing since Frozen 2 is coming soon!


Next up will be our Moana, Belle, Snow White, and Jasmine inspired dresses.  We should have them available by September so you can plan your Halloween costumes!

DIY Mermaid Clothes Pin Dolls

To celebrate the launch of our mermaid dresses, we’ve been crafting!  These clothes pin dolls and so fun and super easy!  This would make a fun activity for a Mermaid Birthday Party.


  • Wooden Peg People  (I picked some up at Michaels Craft)
  • Emroidery Floss (also purchased at Michaels
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Thin Sharpie
  • Foam Craft paper


We started the project by painting the mermaid.  Afterwards we used a fine tip sharpie to draw the eyes and mouth.  We used hot clue to put the hair and mermaid sail on.  It was a quick and very easy project to do with our kids!

Taylor Joelle Mermaid Tutu Dresses hit the site this Monday (July 8th).

Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor


I’ve been a huge fan of Brickyard Buffalo and am so thrilled to be their guest editor this week!  Brickyard Buffalo is an online pop up shop, where you can score some killer deals on clothing, accessories and home decor.  As guest editor, I have the opportunity to feature some brands that I love!

For you littles:

Being a children’s clothing brand,  I have gotten to know some other really awesome kid shops.  Here’s the brands I have included in this weeks feature:

Kidnits (cutest knit clothing and accessories).  We used their knit bunny and wicker bag in our most recent shoot.  Look how cute!


For the Brickyard Buffalo feature, they have discounted their adorable bonnet and cardigan.  These pieces pair so well with Piper and Finn’s leather high top booties, also on brickyard buffalo!


We’ve also included Baby Lit Books.   I had a several of these books when Cohen was a baby.  The illustrations are amazing, and I love all the titles offered.  They make the best baby gifts!  This week, you can snag them for only $6.99 each on Brickyard Buffalo.

Little Stocking Co has the best socks for your little ones!  They are offering their new spring anklet socks in darling colors.


Jonny and Tate makes adorable ties and bow ties!  One thing I love about them, is that they cover all the sizes.  It’s been so hard trying to find ties I love that work for my 10 and 12 year old boys.  These Jonny and Tate ties, fit perfectly!

Also on Brickyard Buffalo this week is our dusty blue swing dress!  This dress makes an amazing Easter dress.  Comfortable, twirly, and endless ways to style it!

For your Home:

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that Diane Robison, my mom, creates most of the surface patterns we use for our dresses.  The puppies we use on our dresses, also make adorable art.  Diane has provided some inexpensive digital downloads this week on Brickyard Buffalo.

Speaking of family, my brother and sister in law’s company is Flex Living.  They make quality workout wear, and also do booty bands.  This band is one of my favorite things.  I love doing home “booty” workouts with my flexliving band.  Flexliving is offering them at half off on Brickyard Buffalo, so now is the time to score one!


For You!

I am in love with my Brickyard Buffalo Cora Dress.  So simple and comfortable.  Plus, it’s one of my favorite colors.  I also picked out some darling items for Taylor.  She wore her pocket dress to church today, and absolutely loves the yellow striped sweater.  She says it’s super comfy!

We hope score some of these awesome goodies this week.  Check out our my IG  stories throughout the week as I give you a closer look at these items.

Spring 2019 Reveal

We’ve never had a launch this big!  Tomorrow 7 new dresses hit the site.  Here’s a look at what’s coming to Taylor Joelle Designs

Rust Polka Dot Dresses (swing and tutu)


Cute knit bunny from Kidnits.

Puppy Restock!  We are bringing back our popular puppy tutu dresses – this time in short sleeves.

puppy tutu 2.jpg

Solid Blue Dresses (swing and tutu)


Navy Rainbow Dress


The Catitude Dress!