Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor


I’ve been a huge fan of Brickyard Buffalo and am so thrilled to be their guest editor this week!  Brickyard Buffalo is an online pop up shop, where you can score some killer deals on clothing, accessories and home decor.  As guest editor, I have the opportunity to feature some brands that I love!

For you littles:

Being a children’s clothing brand,  I have gotten to know some other really awesome kid shops.  Here’s the brands I have included in this weeks feature:

Kidnits (cutest knit clothing and accessories).  We used their knit bunny and wicker bag in our most recent shoot.  Look how cute!


For the Brickyard Buffalo feature, they have discounted their adorable bonnet and cardigan.  These pieces pair so well with Piper and Finn’s leather high top booties, also on brickyard buffalo!


We’ve also included Baby Lit Books.   I had a several of these books when Cohen was a baby.  The illustrations are amazing, and I love all the titles offered.  They make the best baby gifts!  This week, you can snag them for only $6.99 each on Brickyard Buffalo.

Little Stocking Co has the best socks for your little ones!  They are offering their new spring anklet socks in darling colors.


Jonny and Tate makes adorable ties and bow ties!  One thing I love about them, is that they cover all the sizes.  It’s been so hard trying to find ties I love that work for my 10 and 12 year old boys.  These Jonny and Tate ties, fit perfectly!

Also on Brickyard Buffalo this week is our dusty blue swing dress!  This dress makes an amazing Easter dress.  Comfortable, twirly, and endless ways to style it!

For your Home:

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that Diane Robison, my mom, creates most of the surface patterns we use for our dresses.  The puppies we use on our dresses, also make adorable art.  Diane has provided some inexpensive digital downloads this week on Brickyard Buffalo.

Speaking of family, my brother and sister in law’s company is Flex Living.  They make quality workout wear, and also do booty bands.  This band is one of my favorite things.  I love doing home “booty” workouts with my flexliving band.  Flexliving is offering them at half off on Brickyard Buffalo, so now is the time to score one!


For You!

I am in love with my Brickyard Buffalo Cora Dress.  So simple and comfortable.  Plus, it’s one of my favorite colors.  I also picked out some darling items for Taylor.  She wore her pocket dress to church today, and absolutely loves the yellow striped sweater.  She says it’s super comfy!

We hope score some of these awesome goodies this week.  Check out our my IG  stories throughout the week as I give you a closer look at these items.

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