Puppy Birthday Party

We are so happy to connect with Christina from @littleboholoves  on Instagram.  Christina threw the most fabulous puppy party, and she’s allowing us to share with you guys!  I haven’t posted all the pics from her party, so check out her instagram to see more.

The shirts her girls are wearing are Taylor Joelle Designs.  We are out of most of the shirts, but we will launching this same print in swing and tutu dresses!  These will be ready in January.

I’m obsessed with the color scheme of the party.  The “WOOF” balloons are my favorite.  You can purchase rose gold balloons from amazon.

I love how Christina used cut paper to recreate the dogs from the girls shirts.

image1 (1)

And how fun and simple is this cake?  I love that tiny party hats she’s made for the small dog figurines.  Plus the girls can keep those cute cake toppers.


And what’s a puppy party without real live puppies!  How epic!  I would love to recreate this someday for Cohen’s birthday.


If you are planning a puppy party, keep Taylor Joelle in mind for the perfect puppy dresses!  We will also have a boy version of these tees (coming soon).

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