Ocean Coral and Turquesa – A perfect family resort in Cancun

I just got back from a 5 night stay in Cancun with my parents and children, and I have to blog about it!  I’m a mom of 5 kids, so finding a perfect family resort can be tricky.  This post is not sponsored.  I wasn’t given any freebies on this trip.  Just wanted to share with you this awesome resort, and why it was perfect for my young kids.  We traveled in May just before school ended so it was really quiet and nice.


Here’s what I loved about the resort:

  1.  The biggest plus for my family was the Daisy Club (a daycare for ages 4-12).  My 4 and 7 year old absolutely LOVED this club.  It’s open from 9am – 4pm daily, and when I come to get them at 4pm, they don’t want to leave.  They loved their leader, Irene, and had a blast with all the fun activities she facilitated.  Here’s a few: water balloon fights, pool games, pinatas, evening dance parties (up on the stage), sand castle contests, crafts, tag on the beach, movies, and more.  Irene even brought my kids to lunch at the buffet each day.  IMG_0166 IMG_0046.JPG
  2.   Another BIG plus was the the food.  This was my first time to Cancun, but my parents have been several times.  My parents told me that at other resorts they usually get tired of the buffet after the first couple days.  At Ocean Coral, we could have eaten from that buffet daily for a month or more.  It was soooo good!  Quality food with tons of variety.  My favorite was the fresh fruit smoothie bar.  You load up the fruits of veggies you want (beets, kale, melon pineapple, really anything you can imagine) and they will make the juice for you.   There was pretty much any food you could imagine at the buffet.   The restaurants were all so good.  There’s a Creperie, Italian restaurant, Route 66 (burgers), Mexican (my personal fav), and a Tepanyaki restaurant.  My kids loved this one.  The food tasted amazing and they loved watching the chef cook and put on a show right in front of them.    As far as food is concerned, the only thing I think this resort needed was better “snack bars”.  They had hot dogs, burgers, fries, and sometimes sandwiches available, but what they really needed were some chips and guacamole.  You could get this at the buffet, but I would have loved to have it by the pool or on the beach.  IMG_0158.JPG
  3.  The pools were fantastic.  We explored the different pools and played around a little bit, but we always ended back up at the kids pool.  It was quiet and relaxing.  Each day they did different activities by the pools such as water aerobics, dancing, a giant water slide, and a bubble party.   IMG_0128.JPGIMG_0082.JPG
  4. The resort had a teen club.  It looked really cool, but they said most of the video games weren’t working and it was “boring”.   Hopefully in the future they will improve the teen club with some better updated games, and more organized activities.
  5. Not the resort’s fault, but the beach had a lot of sea weed.  It’s been a big problem in Cancun lately.  It didn’t stop my kids from swimming and having fun on the beach!

Here’s a little video we put together that should give you a Mom’s perspective on this resort.

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