Pink for my Home!

If you know me, you know I love pink!  I’ve painted chairs pink, my piano pink, and many other random odds and ends pink (my poor husband).  So, when I saw this amazing “spot on the wall” posted by The Jungalow, I had to give it a try in pink!


I had an Ikea shelf sitting around waiting to be used, and some Ikea fake plants.   The shelf was only $6.99 and the plants $5.99 each.



The shelf and pots had a pretty smooth surface.  I was worried the paint wouldn’t stick, so i first sprayed them with bullseye primer.


I then painted the shelf and pots in Valspar “posh pink” – you can buy a little sample jar for $5.  I also used this to paint the spot on the wall, and a chair I had sitting around.  It was plenty of paint (still have half a the sample jar left).

And here’s my new “spot on the wall”.



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