Soniclear Petite


Taylor has been doing a lot of tennis, which means a lot of sweating, which has caused her some acne.  She been complaining this past month of having tiny bumps on her cheeks (really wish I had of taken a before picture).  Not horrible, but these clusters of bumps (probably acne) were really bothering her.

They are now, almost gone and here are 2 things that have really helped.

  1. Her Soniclear Petite, by Michael Todd Beauty.

It’s an electric cleansing brush that is gentle, has different speeds depending on your skin, and can be used daily.  It also has a automatic timer that beeps, so she knows then to switch to another section of her face.  It’s antimicrobial protection for life.  So I never have to worry about it collecting germs and bacterial.   Taylor loves the feeling of the brush against her skin, so it makes face washing kind of enjoyable.

It can be purchased HERE  #soniclear


2.  Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is the second thing that has really helped Taylor’s skin clear up.  I had read a few forums online where witch hazel was recommended, so we thought we would give it a try.  It’s super cheap, and really seemed to do the trick.  There’s an article on the uses and benefits of witch hazel, that can be found HERE

I hope this info was helpful.  Taylor feels much more comfortable with her skin.

#soniclear #ad


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