Christmas For Teens

I have a tween (almost a teen)  so Christmas “toys” are a little harder to find.  However, one thing I have found for her is the Soniclear Elite from Michael Todd Beauty.   She loves beauty product, facials, and fun gadgets, so this will be perfect.

I was sent this product to review, and I love it! I am going to need to borrow it from her because it’s so cool!  Several different brushes for face, massage, body, and even feet.   This is the best way to clear you skin and helps get deep into your pours.  The Soniclear elite has a special technology where the brushes are antimicrobial so they stay clean.

I think I will go with a “spa” theme and give her this system a long with some other posh beauty product and her own fuzzy robe.

So excited!

Get 20% off the system when you purchase HERE





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