Hosting a Book Swap Party

If you are like me, you have a lot of books lying around that the kids never ready anymore. There’s stacks of Junie B Jones, Babysitter’s club, and Captain Underpants. Hang on to those old books, because it’s a good excuse for a book swap party!



remi swap

How to do it?

  1.  Invite a certain number of kids to the party (we did this with the girl cousins in the family).  It would be fun to create book themed invitations like this one from Reid Girls Handmade

book exchange

2.  Have each child bring a certain amount of books.  Suggest maybe 3-5.

3.  Display the books on a table for everyone to see.

4.  Allow each child to pick one book at a time.  They are able to take home as many books as they brought.

5.  Serve food, have fun!

6.  Create a cute take home treat such as this one from from Happiness is Homemade 


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