Art Projects for Kids

Summer’s coming, and it’s time to start thinking of some fun projects to keep the kids busy!  When I was little, before google and Pinterest, I loved to whip out my “make and do” book that was filled with arts and craft ideas.  Now it’s a whole new game with Pinterest.  Here’s some of my favorites that I have seen recently

1.  Magazine Face Art

Cut our a face from a magazine or a book you aren’t using, glue it to a paper, and complete the picture.  Love this Mona Lisa one!


mona lisa

2.  Opt-Art

What a cool idea this is!  I have never tried it, but I am definitely going to give it a go with the kids!  A tutorial can be found at The Frugal Crafter

DCF 1.0


3  Watercolor Squirt Gun Painting – Why Not?

It seems kinda messy, but if it keeps them outside, I think it’s a win.  Plus you may end up with some modern art masterpieces.  Tutorial can be found HERE.


4.  Rock Painting.  You could have them decorate individual rocks to place around your garden, or try this pretty cool Cactus centerpiece.  Tutorial HERE


So there ya go!  A few fun projects to get you through some of those upcoming summer days.  I can’t wait to try them with my gang.




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