Easy, Inexpensive Photography Props!

It’s always fun to have a little photo shoot!  We just love when it’s shoot day with Heather Telford!   We love to come up with some quick inexpensive photography props.  Here are a few ideas!

  1.  Spray Paint.  For yesterday’s shoot we spray painted a pineapple.  Super cheap, super easy, and we loved how it turned out!  Our serenity dress will be for sale at the end of  this month.

image1 (1)

2.  Marker, or eyeliner to create this fun idea!  Makes for a great silly shot!


Image found on Pinterest

4.  Balloons.  It’s amazing what a few balloons can do for a photo!



4.  Tape some flowers to a wall.  We did this for a tutu skirt shoot and I couldn’t have been happier.




5.  Add an unexpected toy as a prop.  We loved throwing this VW in our romper shoot!


6.  Find a colorful wall, and snap away!




7.  Giant Paper Flowers!  There’s a bunch of tutorials on Pinterest.  Here is one to try: Design Sponge


Photo shoots can be so much fun!  Release the creativity in you!  We am looking forward to our next one!

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