Farewell Brooke

Dear Taylor Joelle followers and readers,

Hello everyone, Brooke here. I have been the main blogger and social media coordinator for Taylor Joelle over 4 years. I have gotten to know some of you and many of you have gotten to know me through this blog. Through over 1100 posts, I have shared my daughter’s birthday parties, trend alerts, parenting tips, crafts, style guides, linky parties, contests and more. It has been such a pleasure to work for an amazing company like Taylor Joelle and to share my world with all of you. I will be getting married this weekend and will be focusing on growing my photography business and growing my family. Please stay in touch. I will be sharing my photography on instagram at @mozieandco. I may even rejoin the mommy blogging world again soon. Thank you for everything! The ever so talented owner and designer of Taylor Joelle Designs, Jenny, will be taking over the blog. You already know her and love her from her designs and the @taylorjoelledesigns instagram account. She has also posted many fun ideas and style posts on this blog throughout the years. The blog will continue to be your go-to for children’s fashion.


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