Trend Alert – Suspender Skirts

It’s Fashion Friday, and it’s time for another trend alert! Suspender Skirts were a big hit back in the 50’s and 60’s. You can see them on the pages of many vintage sewing pattern books. This look has made a big comeback! Paired with plaid, stripes, or even made into a midi skirt, we love this all new take on a classic look.

Tweens and teens are joining in on the craze too! It adds such a touch of innocence and nosalgia in a new and hip way.

Celebrities are taking notice and taking to the red carpet and the streets wearing their suspender skirts!

 Ashley Madekwe / Kendall Jenner / Ruby Rose / Emma Watson / Jordana Brewster / Olivia Polermo

But, our personal favorites – suspender skirts for little girls! There is something irresistibly adorable about a little girl wearing a classic suspender skirt! Our latest collection, Sunny Side Up, combines three of our favorite things, suspender skirts, tutus, and ruffles! You can pre-order our Yellow Tutu Skirt with Suspenders this week for 35% off with FREE shipping! Or, do you have one of our classic tutu skirts? Add a pair of your favorite suspenders to make it an entirely new look (as pictured below with our gold tutu skirt).

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