Dining Room with Some African Touches

My parent’s recently went on an LDS mission to Ghana, Africa and fell in love with the local artistry. While they were there, we even worked with local artisans to create the Taylor Joelle Artisan Collection, handmade with Batik fabric. There are so many local entrepreneurs and artists in Ghana. My parents brought home loads of hand made and painted beads, fabric, and wood carvings. They decided to decorate their home with these treasures they brought with them.

Here is one of my favorites, their dining room space.

It’s a lot of fun for the kids and grand kids to decide which chair they want to sit in. They personalized each chair. My husband loves building, so we have received the wrench chair for him. My sister-in-law is always in heels, so of course she gets that chair. Their table runner is made from African batik fabric, and they filled the centerpiece jars with some African beads.

Although they brought this fabric straight home from Africa with them, you can purchase this style online from several different site. It’s Batik fabric but more specifically it’s called “”vlisco”. The website vlisco.com sells some really fun prints.


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