Fun Back to School Supplies – Top Picks!

Snag these items for a fun and trendy start to school.  Most of these are totally unnecessary, but
totally cool!

Locker Chandelier – Make a yourself feel at home in your locker!
Photo Real Backpack and Lunch Box – I had to buy this for my 7 year old today.
Faux Fur Backpack – With furry handbags and clutches being a hot trend for adults this fall, we predict this backpack will be a huge hit! 
Quirky Pencil Case – How fun are these Converse Pencil Pouches?
Beloved Shirts Notebook – I can’t decide which is my favorite! 
Scented Markers – Because they are so much more fun that regular markers!
Food Erasers – Because they are just too cute. Share them with your friends!
Dry Erase Reminder Board – Don’t forget your math test! 
Eiffle Tower Scissors – Because everything about Paris is cool and posh!
Controller Calculator – Because being away from your video games for 6 hours a day is tough.
Pretend to be playing mario with this controller calculator. 
Cassette Tape Dispenser – Get it?  Not sure if my kids even know what a cassette tape is, but it’s still fun. 
Nailpolish Highlighters – Gotta get these for my 11 year old!
If you are looking for fun and trendy back to school fashion, look no further! In just a couple of weeks our Madame Pear Collection will be available and will be a part of our big Back to School SALE
Stay tuned for more details coming soon. 

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