If the Shoe Fits – Joyfolie

When putting a look together, we can’t forget one of the most important steps – the shoes (pun intended)! The perfect shoes can really pull a look together and can even give your look a completely different feel. Shoes can dress up or dress down your look and add just the right amount of chic. There is no exception when putting together looks for your children. When dressing my daughter, the shoes are often the most important part because not only do I have to worry about how they look, but how they feel. In my lifetime, I can’t even count the number of times I have worn completely uncomfortable heels because they looked great with my dress, but then ended up barefoot with my shoes in hand for the rest of the day. In our house, comfort is the most important thing when it comes to choosing shoes. My daughter would rather wear shoes that completely don’t match than to wear shoes that look great but hurt her feet. The solution? Joyfolie! Joyfolie has ADORABLE shoes for children that are on trend and completely comfortable!

We love to choose Joyfolie shoes when we are styling our photo shoots. They are comfortable, fun, and really complete the looks for our latest collections. Their gladiator sandals are a personal favorite!

Skirt – coming soon to taylorjoelle.com
Sandals – Joyfolie

 Joyfolie are also the shoes of choice for many of our favorite mini fashionistas.

Photo Credit – Hey Mcki
Skirt – Taylor Joelle
Shoes – Joyfolie
Headband – Baby Beans and Me
Photo Credit – Hey Mcki
Shoes – Joyfolie
Photo Credit: @natalieamore_love
Sandals – Joyfolie
Photo Credit: @nikkiswiz
Shoes – Joyfolie
Photo Credit: Abby Trends
Dress – Taylor Joelle
Shoes – Joyfolie
Photo Credit: Pepperlu Photo

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