Mom’s Best Network – Crayola Review

We are so thrilled to be ambassadors for Mom’s Best Network and searching for this year’s HOT PRODUCTS. Today we reviews some goodies from Crayola. 
My kids were very entertained by Crayola’s Color Alive. It’s a small coloring book with crayons included. After downloading the “color alive” app, you can scan your pictures and make them come to life. I thought my kids might get bored of it after awhile, but nope. It kept them entertained for a long time!! Now they are asking for the other books. We definitely give our stamp of approval on this fun item.

We also received a mega pack of Crayola sidewalk chalk. There were neon, tie dye, multi color and glitter. The kids thought these were awesome.

Then, I had an idea!

Give the kids an assignment to create “chalk art photos”. Taylor got on pinterest and started pinning ideas. Each kid got a section of pavement to work on their masterpiece. What a fun playdate idea for
Here are some of our favorites from pinterest:

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