DIY Canvas Wall Pictures

I had so much fun with this project!  So easy, so quick, and so cheap!!

Here’s what you need:

  • A Canvas (craft stores often sell these for half off, or you can buy an existing canvas picture at a thrift store.  
  • Pictures – my favorite is to have them printed on a light weight cardstock.  Poster paper as works.  You can print them at any print center (costco, walmart, office depot etc..).  
  • Mod Podge (matte finish)
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Black Paint
  • X-acto knife 
Step 1:
Using your sponge brush, cover your canvas with the mod podge.  
Step 2: 
Place the photo on the canvas and press down.  Some of the ends will come up, and if they do, put some more mod podge under the edges until they stick.
Step 3: 
If there are edges of your picture hanging off the canvas, trim with an X-Acto knife.  I used a large cutting board, place this picture face down and trimmed the edges off.  
Step 4: 
Cover the top of the photo with mod podge.  It will look white at first, but don’t worry, it dries clear.  Make sure its not too globby too.  
Step 5:
Using another canvas press down on the print to give it some texture.  Then set aside and let glue dry.
Step 6:
Once the picture is dry, paint the edges of your canvas black with a new sponge brush.  I go over the edges and onto the picture a little bit.  I like the messy look better than the precise look.
Step 7: 
When the paint is dress, you are all done and ready to hang! 
 Have you heard of Command Picture Hanging Stickers?  They are absolutely amazing.  I am not good with the hammer and nail.  These stickers don’t damage your wall, and they are so easy to put up and make your picture precise.  More expensive than nails, but WORTH IT! You can purchase them at amazon, lowes, home depot, etc.

These pictures are from our Wild Garden Collection photo shoot.  Check out the collection here:

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