Trendiest Celebrity Kids

Who says kids can’t be trend setters? Celebrity children are often dressed even more in style than their parents. It’s always more fun to dress our children right? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had celebrity parents and their stylists paying for and picking out all of our clothes? We’ve put together a list of the trendiest celebrity kids. I could take some notes from them for dressing my daughter, and even for my own style! 
1. Mason Disick
When your mom is a Kardashian, we wouldn’t expect anything less than the most fashionable looks. Mason Disick is spotted on every outing in clothing that is on point! He often wears fun patterns and clothing that really makes a statement. 
2. Kingston Rossdale
Kingston Rossdale’s hair rocks! What else could we expect from the child of rockers Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stepani? His punk hipster style is so edgy and fun. 
3. Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise has been making fashion headlines since her birth. Does anyone else remember all the hoopla about Suri wearing little high heels as a toddler? Her style is classic and feminine, very similar to her mother Katie Holmes. We’ve even heard rumors about Suri starting her own fashion line. 
4. Stella McDermott
Why do we like Stella’s style? Because it is often all her own. She puts together a lot of her own looks and has great taste. Her style is young and vibrant. Although she has a much higher clothing budget than most kids with celebrity parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, her style isn’t unattainable. Many of Stella’s looks are similar to what you might see your own daughter wearing, and that is what we love about it. 
5. The Powells 
Chris and Heidi Powell (hosts of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss) have some pretty adorable kids. Maybe we are a little biased, but it is pretty fun to see them wearing Taylor Joelle styles! This is one of our favorite pics of their girls wearing Taylor Joelle. 

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