Repainting furniture without sanding

We have tons a lot of posts about chalk paint, which is a great way to paint furniture without sanding, but recently I tried another method and was very pleased with the results.

I had this end table that was a laminate surface, so I was nervous about repainting it, however it turned out to be pretty quick and simple.

Step 1:

Clean the surface.

Step 2.

Cover with bulls eye primer.  Use a cheap brush because you will want to throw it away after priming.  I used 2 coats of primer.

Step 3:
Time to paint 
I was able to do the whole end table using a sample jar of Valspar paint.  I just barely had enough.
A roller works much better than a brush (although you will need a brush for some of the edges).  You can get small rollers ones designed for painting furniture.  It literally takes only about 5 minutes to paint each coat.  I needed about 3 coats. 
Step 4:
After the paint is completely dry, I used polyurethane on it.  You could also use Shellac.  This gave it a shiny finish and will help protect the surface.  After putting this on, open some windows and leave the room for several hours.  It’s pretty strong stuff.  

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