5 Ideas to Entertain the Kids over Christmas Break

What am I going to do with my kids over the break? As a mom of 5 kids, when the kids are on a break from school, things get crazy – fast.  So, I am preparing a list of activities to keep the kiddos busy.

(Photo Credit: stayathomemoms.com)

1) Make a Movie with cousins or friends – Here’s a great site that gives them step by step instructions.

2) Gingerbread house competition – Set out Graham crackers, frosting and all the topping and set the timer for 30 min.  Then have them present their work to the “judges” – each kid should receive a price (example: most creative, most durable, etc..)

(Photo Credit: instructables.com)

3) Christmas movie and hot cocoa bar – Let each child invite a friend over for a Chirstmas movie.  Before or after the movie have the kids create their own cocoa from a hot cocoa bar.

(Photo Credit: thesweetingspot.blogspot.com)

4) DIY Christmas crackers – As a child, we loved to do Christmas crackers at Christmas dinner.  They also work great for new years.  Here’s a great DIY tutorial: http://ohhappyday.com/2012/11/christmas-crackers-diy/

5) DIY Neighbor gifts – Have the kids help with some neighbor gifts and then do ring and runs.
Here are some of our favorite easy ones to do with kids:

(Credit – thepartiologist.com)
(Credit – creatingbycami.com)

(Credit – completerecipes.com)
What is on your list to keep the kiddos busy during Christmas break? 

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