15 Things to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween! Tonight, our little ones will all come home with heaps of candy that we are ever so eager to get rid of! Sure, let kids be kids. Let them eat some of their favorites. But, with enough candy to feed an army for 3 months, we have to find fun uses for all that extra sugar in the house.

1. DIY Trail Mix – Save the M&Ms and chocolates and add them to nuts and raisins for a DIY trail mix.

2. Thanksgiving goodie bags – Make goodie bags to each place setting for Thanksgiving

3. Keep some in your purse – Keep a few pieces in your purse for when you are out and about.

4. Save it for ginger bead houses – Gingerbread houses are a fun holiday decoration and look extra cute when they are decorated with an assortment of candy.

5. Save it for the pinata at a birthday party – Have a birthday coming up in the next few months? Why not do a pinata? You already have all the candy!

6. Bring it to the office – The quickest way to see the candy disappear? Take it to work! It will be gone before you know it, like magic!

7. Send it in an overseas care package – Operation Shoebox is a great place to donate candy for packages to send to military overseas.

8. Eat it! – Let’s be honest, you know you want to eat some of it. Eat it while the kids are asleep and they’ll never know.

9. Halloween candy buy back with local dentist – Many local dentists participate in candy buy back programs.

10. Switch Witch – check out our blog post about the switch witch! She may just come by and take that candy off your hands in exchange for a toy for your child.

11. Freeze it and use it later in shakes, cookies, etc – Who wants a Reeses shake? ME! Freeze that candy and add it to ice cream for a frozen treat later.

12. Use it in a science experiment – Get a few ideas from Science20.com, click here.

13. Flavor a Beverage – For a fun twist, add a piece of chocolate to your hot cocoa, coffee or tea.

14. Donate it to a nursing home, women’s shelter, or food bank – Why not give the candy to others that may enjoy it?

15. Save it for stocking stuffers – Christmas will be here before you know it. Put some aside to add to those stockings.

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