Kids Fashion We Love – Hip Little Tribe

We were recently introduced to a new children’s clothing brand, Hip Little Tribe. We love their designs! But, what really sets them apart from the others is their message. Hip Little Tribe aims to represent and celebrate today’s youth. With the idea that we are all part of the same ‘tribe’, yet recognizing the differences among us that make us unique –– they want their products to help parents encourage their children to be unique through their style, and embrace who they are and respect others. Many of their designs are inspired by the anti-bullying movement, and encourage self-esteem but also have some cool vibe sayings. We love love their tagline “you belong”!

Bullying is so prevalent among kids across the U.S., so they are putting together an anti-bullying/self-esteem campaign and video with girls of all ranges to bring more awareness to this.  Hip Little Tribe will be donating a portion of our proceeds in October to GLSEN and The National Bullying Prevention Center. We just love their motto for self-esteem that is a part of what the younger girls recited for the anti-bullying video.

“I’m gonna love me
for all that I am 
No one can tell me
I’m less than I am
For I was made special
to be uniquely me
And I can be anything
I aspire to be” -Hip Little Tribe

Here are a few more of our favorite items from their shop:

We asked the creators of Hip Little Tribe to share a little bit about their history, inspirations, and fashion advice for parents with our readers. Here is what they had to say:
How did Hip Little Tribe get it’s start?
We just opened shop less than a week ago but the idea has been fizzing for a little while now. The concept of building something with a self-esteem/anti-bullying message was first conceived after experiencing challenges with my then 5-year-old daughter and her self-image.  While pregnant with the twins, I started outlining a girl’s book that would focus on this topic and explore the metamorphosis if you will of coming into one’s own and accepting who they are. The book process halted when my pregnancy got rougher but I am still looking to get it into print someday!
The twins were born in May and had a rough start with having Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  It really put life into perspective and I knew I had to take a leap and go after something I was really passionate about. In casual conversation with my family, we came up with a unique saying about bullying and I thought how perfect it would be to put that on a shirt! I know how mainstream it now is for us parents to help children develop a sense of identity through the messages we help style them in.  I also know that a message can spread like wildfire with the wonders of social media nowadays.
I then reached out to a close friend named Heather.  She is a momma to the sweetest 2-year-old boy and just had her second son last week.  We both graduated from the same fashion program at Kent State University and she was also looking for a different fulfilling direction.  We decided to collectively collaborate on this vision.  And so it began!  We started talking about the why’s and what we wanted to get out of this.  We wanted to give our company purpose while providing fashions that were modern with cool vibes.  We felt strongly that our experiences backed by our degrees would help us but that alone wouldn’t be enough. 
We decided on the name “Hip Little Tribe” for a few reasons.  There is an underlying theme to the word tribe and that is that we are a family.  We have always flocked together not because we are the same person but because we value the same things.  We want to instill certain morals into our little tribe of five.  With our company, the focus is on being uniquely you and recognizing differences among us but coming together because we all are part of the same ‘tribe’.  We want our shirts and our products to help encourage children to be unique through their style and embrace and respect who they are. 
What sets your brand apart from others? 
First, there are so many brands out there with trendy styles that are rocking this industry and there is a need to differentiate yourself in other ways.  We both have the fashion backgrounds that can help us better forecast and analyze what is working and what isn’t. But aside from that, the important factor is that we want to stand for something.  At the core of what we do is our family and a true desire to help our children recognize and others recognize that there is good out there and anyone can aid in the betterment of the world we live in. Whether it be finding a larger cause to support or introducing to our followers a regular family each month in need of help, we want there to be a purpose that personally moves us.   
What is your favorite piece from your shop?
The “Im No Bully I Just Tease My Hair” tee.  I love me some quirky comicalness and it makes me smile every time because there is a reason behind it!  I adore everything about it and after all it was the brainchild of our company.  I seriously lye awake at night with visions of this igniting some sort of teased hair trend and a place where girls and boys alike aren’t afraid to take fashion to a cool level of cray. I sure think it would make Snooki happy!
Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
I most align with the styling’s of Jessica Alba.  I fascinated over her seemingly effortless fashions that are always right on point.  They are edgy and forward but not overdone.  She is a dignified woman that I truly admire in every sense. 
What trends are you seeing for Spring 2015?
Ruffles galore and light fabrics- organza, tulles, voiles and cotton-viscose.  Unusual combinations of colors in bold floral prints mostly on bottoms. Colors ranging from lilacs to fuchsia and pops of lime accents.  Metallic gold is sticking around. Palm trees might be the new pineapple trend.  Wrap style headbands can transition to the waist for a belted look.  In your face tribal and pop art prints. Athletic and feminine styles merge.  In the boys fashion arena, animalistic prints/graphics and the hipster traveler theme will also be all the rage with hues of blues and greens.
What advice would you give to parents shopping for clothing for their children?
From experience I can say that you have to let them explore a style all their own.  Help guide their decisions but let them play an active role in being an advocate for what makes them feel good to be in.  Fashion is a form of expression and whether we are “on-trend” or not is in the eye of the beholder!  
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