Utah with Kids – Provo Recreation Center

One of my favorite places to take the kids is the Provo Recreation Center. It’s just over 1 year old, so everything is still new and exciting.

The outdoor pool just closed for the season, but we still go often and just use the indoor pool. the indoor pool has water slides, a lazy river, a rock climbing wall, and a cliff to jump off of. there is also a little kids section with smaller slides and activities.

Such an great perk to this place is the daycare. I am able to check my 10 month baby into the daycare for $2 per hour (you do not need to have a membership to take advantage of the daycare). This makes supervising my older kids at the pool so much more relaxing. During the week, and on a school night it is very quiet (feels like we have the pool to ourselves). There are also “dry” activities to take advantage of too, but we mostly just use the pool.

So, if you are looking for a fun “Utah County” outing to do with the kids, 
I highly recommend the Provo rec center.

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