Back to School – Organization FREE PRINTABLES

With back to school time in full swing, stress can be high! Mornings can be manic when it comes to making sure everyone is dressed, lunches are made, teeth are brushed, etc. Nights can be just as stressful with making sure that homework is done, clothes are picked out for the next day, etc. When it comes to making sure everything is done, say goodbye to checklists! Hands on charts are a great way for children to visually see what needs to be done and motivate them to help. We came across some adorable ideas that we just had to share with you.

The first is this morning routine chore chart by Caravan Shoppe. How adorable is this? It’s a great way for the kids to visually see what needs to be done and is great for those who haven’t learned to read yet. This is a FREE printable in their shop. Once you are on their site, you will want to check out everything. They have some of the most creative ideas!

After school there is so much to get done to prepare for the next day. To keep your kids on track, try this dry erase back to school chart by 36th avenue. We love this idea! This is a free printable and there are designs for boys and girls. 
The No Nag Checklist from is a DIY interactive chart made from a folder. Instructions can be found HERE
If you are like the mom from, your kiddo comes home starving and asking when they can have a snack. Here’s a fun printable reminder to put above the back pack hook that she created for her son to know all of the things he needs to do before snack time. 
Our favorite might just be this chore chart by Simple as That for staying organized throughout the school year. It’s a great way to organize everything that needs to be done in the morning, after school, and chores. Check out the free printable HERE

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