Mix and Match Wardrobe Tips – A Mom’s Take

It’s almost time to pack up swim suits and tank tops and trade them in for backpacks and sweaters. It’s time to start shopping for Back to School clothes. Creating an entire wardrobe for your child for fall can start to add up and get really expensive. Aimee from amomstake.com is here to give us tips about using what is already in your child’s closet to mix and match with new items and stretch their wardrobe. This will save money, and may even be how you find some of your child’s favorite looks. 
I am a huge fan of separates for kids, but matching sets can sometimes save you a ton of money. Here is the trick, don’t get stuck always pairing matching sets together. Of course they are going to look adorable matched up, but some of my favorite, most versatile pieces in my kids closets stayed hidden in a set for too long! This outfit is super cute on its own, but you can really stretch your child’s wardrobe by mixing it up. Shop their closet first and try things together that you might not usually match up, those always end up being my favorite combinations. I set off to my little girls closet and without buying anything new and I came up with these two outfits“.
Shirt – Taylor Joelle 
Skirt – Old Navy 
Tights – Target 
Bow – Ruby Blue Inc
Sandals- Saltwater
(later into fall I would switch the sandals out for boots)

Leggings: Taylor Joelle
Dress: Little Me
Bow: Homemade

So, as you are doing your back to school shopping, look for items that you can mix and match with things that your child already has in their closet, even if you buy a matching set. The great thing about the Wild Garden Collection, is that the items look great paired together, or as separates paired with things that you may already have.

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