Hope for Adoption

Today we are so happy to share a beautiful adoption story with all of you. Amy Twitty from Pink Parlor Designs is sharing the story of how she and her husband Casey became the parents of beautiful Olivia. We first started following Pink Parlor Designs on instagram and fell in love with this family. Amy is so talented and creative. She creates the most adorable tents that you must see. 
Here is a letter that Amy shared about Olivia’s adoption story on one of her blogs, livandhope

“Our journey first began 15 years ago when we became best friends from our first date. We met while attending college in a student government class. Our love story began and we were married about 9 months later. After graduating college we wanted to start our family not realizing that we would be faced with infertility. After years of trying we knew that adoption was our blessing of becoming a family. Our papers were filed with LDS Social services and we began praying for birthparents. Then one day our world changed as we received a phone call from a family friend who said that there was a 6 month old baby girl who needing a home. Little did we know, that home was ours! We met this sweet baby and we fell in love instantly. Our hearts were bursting with love and emotions as we knew we had just fallen in love with our baby girl. It’s been 6 years since that day and still our hearts melt when we think back to that day and those moments. Was it all worth it? Absolutely! Was it crazy? Completely. Were we happy? The happiest! Teaching us the importance of family and the covenants we made. Daily she reminds us how to be better, the responsibility we have to raise her to her fullest potential. She is one amazing little girl and can’t wait to be a big sister! She is the neighborhood babysitter (as a  6 year old helper) she loves babies and drops whatever she is doing to snuggle up next to the baby to make them laugh.
As a family our goal is to spend as much time together that we can doing the things we love. Summertime is our favorite as we spend the majority of our days outside playing sports or going to parks for hours. We love the beach and it’s our goal to go to New York City. Casey is passionate about his work and loves helping people every chance he can. Working hard and teaching our kids good work ethic is important but family is the most important to Casey. He loves going on “Daddy Daughter” dates whenever he can, and they have a bond that is truly amazing. Amy owns her own small business that actually started as a hobby and turned into a great way to help save for our adoption. Amy loves making new friends and making people feel loved and important. She loves serving others and showing Olivia that when you serve others you can have a great time. Her and Olivia have dance parties almost daily and love hosting neighborhood parities with all the kids. 
Olivia loves to dance; we find her in her room dancing daily. She has some pretty good moves. She is one spunky kid that never skips a beat, she is dancing one minute and wrestling with her cousins the next. She has a contagious laugh and curls that every girl loves! We are excited to see our family grow and love welcome a new baby into our home. As parents our goal is to show our children that life is  fun, it’s meant to be enjoyed. We make an effort to have fun daily even with small things as family walks or relaxing at home. We come from a family with six adopted grandchildren, all different situations and circumstances but all loved from the moment we met. Olivia loves asking about adoption and we love sharing what we know about her birthparents. She will always know how much they love her and care for her that they wanted nothing but the best for her and for all our children.
We understand that life hands us choices you never thought you’d have to make. We understand, life has an interesting way of giving us challenges but looking back on our marriage there has always been a reason to why and how trials and challenges then turned to blessings and lessons. Our life hasn’t been perfect but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have grown as a couple, we have grown as parents, and we have grown as a family. We look forward to the day when we can share our story of our next adoption and how it all came to be, through the blessings of others. 
With love, 
Casey, Amy, and Olivia”

Here’s an awesome video about their adoption and their hope for another:
Follow Amy on instagram and check out her blogs livandhope and pinkparlordesigns
You won’t regret it! 

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