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Ok, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Roxy Marj designs are too awesome not to share with all of you. Roxy Marj is about the cozy the imaginative & UNIQUE! Their products are well made, in the U.S.A. and they are instant treasures. They design items for children that adults want to steal. Their blankets, pillow dolls, pennant flags and coloring posters are so fun for the kids. The good news for mom? They design clutches and eye glass cases too! 
Here are some lifestyle shots from Roxy Marj customers of some of Roxy’s favorite items:
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Pocket Purse – @meethaha

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We asked Roxy from Roxy Marj to share her history, inspirations, and favorites with our readers. Here is what she had to say:

What made you want to start Roxy Marj?

I’m naturally drawn to child-like products, that is why I studied children’s ware at school. Kids are able to get away with more in fashion with mixing prints and patterns. I have been sewing and crafting from a young age, so this seemed like a natural fit.

What sets your products apart from others?

What sets my product apart from others is the amount of thought, research and development that takes place in the design process. I think that comes across to anyone who knows my brand and has purchased an item from my shop. Also, I love what I do and don’t do this for money. I do this purely for the sake of creating and inspiring.

How did Roxy Marj get it’s name?

I legally changed my name from Anna to Roxanna when I was 18 years old and my middle name is Marjorie. When trying to think of a name for my business back in 2003 my ex-husband suggested shortening Marjorie to Marj. The two names compliment each other– a new name, Roxy, with an older name, Marj. 
What are your inspirations and motivations?

Kids, children’s books and toys (specifically vintage), mother nature, forest and farm animals, history books, art books, and other random things like junk yards, kitchen utensils, various home decor items and trinkets I find on the street.

What do you have coming up for Roxy Marj that you are excited about?

We will have a couple new blanket collections coming out soon! We are also noticing the need for more boy themed items and are working on adding that to the Roxy Marj collection. Eventually down the road a children’s ware line as well. We are also really excited about some big collaborations that will be happening around the holiday season.

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