Park City Vacation

We recently took the kids to Park City for a little family getaway.  I can’t believe we haven’t done that before – it was wonderful!   We have 5 kids (including a baby) so what we did was very family friendly.

We stayed at Westgate resort (at the Canyons).  Booking from their website is much more expensive then booking from  On expedia, you can get a one bedroom suite for $146 plus tax.

The suites are wonderful – very posh!  Big flat screens in each room, a huge jetted tub, steam shower, fireplace, kitchen, and washer/dryer.  Some of the suites have private hot tubs on the balcony.

The hotel offers yoga classes, kids crafts, kids camp/daycare, and big indoor/outdoor pool.  There’s also a heavenly adults only relaxation pool.

There are so many fun kids-friendly activities to do in park city.  Right outside our hotel was a mini zipline (which we didn’t have the time to try).  There’s hiking, the farmers market (right outside our hotel on Weds), and on the weekends there’s live music.  Plus, if you are able to break away from the kids, Park City has one of my favorite outlet malls – Tanger Outlets

We decided that we would head over to the park city resort and try the famous alpine slide and coaster.

For the alpine slide, you ride the chairlift up, and take a little “sled” down the mountain on a cement slide.  The kids had a lot of fun!

Here’s a fun video of the alpine slide:

While the “big kids” did the slide with their daddy, I stayed at the base of the mountain with my 3 year old and baby.  They have some activities for smaller kids at the base.

After the kids did the alpine slide, they wanted to try the “coaster”.

In Taylor’s words “it’s the best ride I have ever been on” (and we’ve taken her to Disney plenty of times).

There were plenty of activities that we did not try (for example the zip line).  For more information and pricing go here –

My favorite place to eat in Park City?  Kind of strange, but I love the salad bar (much more than just salad) at Whole Foods

I loaded up on the salad, but there are lots of options (pizza, fish, soup chicken, etc..).  There are tables to eat at Whole Foods, or you can take it back to you room.

It was a fabulous little getaway!  Until next time Park City!

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