10 Play Date Snack Ideas

You may have noticed a little theme on the blog this week, Play Dates! This week we are celebrating the release of the Play Date Collection! Our Play Date Collection is the perfect wardrobe for a play date. It’s comfortable, yet stylish. Yesterday, we shared our top ten play date activity ideas. Today, we will cover snack ideas for a play date. The moms and the kids will all be in a much better mood with bellies full of good food. 

1. Muffin Tins or Ice Cube Trays and Snack Platters

2. Butterfly Baggies
3. Rice Crispie Pops
4. Elmo Fruit Salad
5. Fruit Kabobs
6. Hummus Shots
7. Peanut Butter and Jelly Swirls
8. Edible Necklaces
9. Edible Paint
10. Home Made Fruit By The Foot
Check out the Play Date Collection for fun clothes that are perfect for a play date!

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