Apps We Love – Pippit

You may have noticed many of your favorite bloggers, instagram accounts, and companies posting about Pippit this week. We joined in on all the fun! It’s like a cross between Pinterest and Instagram. We love that we can add clickable links to our posts. Find us on Pippit as @taylorjoelledesigns. 
One of the creators, Oh Joy! has given a great breakdown of what Pippit is. Here is what she had to say: “Pippit is a way to get updates from your favorite blogs while also being able to see blog content mixed with everyday photos and videos as well. Also, instead of simply “liking” something, you can “Like” it, “Want” it, or find it “Useful”. So your opinions have more meaning and you can reference those items you’ve found useful again later. You can also respond to comments directly within each individual thread so it’s clear who you are chatting with. There are a ton of other cool features as well which you’ll discover as you play around with the app and try it out.
See this video below to see a preview of how it works in real time…
Download Pippit in the App Store now through your iPhone!”

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