DIY Jewelry Projects for Kids

What is more fun for a girl than wearing jewelry that she created? Giving jewelry she created to a friend! Your daughter will be entertained for hours making jewelry for herself and her friends. We have  found some really fun jewelry making ideas on Pinterest that are pretty, fun, and easy for children to do themselves or with the supervision of an adult. Here are a few of our favorites:
Does it get any more fun than these washer necklaces by
Shower curtain ring bracelets? Why didn’t I think of that? These are by
Can I just be 10 again so that I can rock these glitter tube bracelets by So awesome! 
These safety pin beaded necklaces are just too fun! Thanks
I love this twist on a friendship necklace or even a necklace for mom. A heart thumbprint pendant necklace. It’s so personalized and totally adorable! Thanks

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