Cinco De Mayo Crafts for Kids

It’s MAY!! It’s finally May! Easter has come and gone and Mother’s Day is ahead. Let’s not forget one of the best holidays there is, Cinco De Mayo! This is such a fun holiday to celebrate. The fiestas, the crafts, the food, the culture! Your kids will love to be involved as well. Here are a few fun Cinco De Mayo kids crafts that we found. De Nada!

Easter Egg Maracas! My favorite. What a great way to put those left over plastic Easter Eggs to use. Find the instuctions by here
How adorable are there mini pinatas by I don’t think the version I’d make with my daughter would look quite as pretty, but it still looks like a lot of fun. 
How cute is this little fiesta puppet by Check out the tutorial here
We love this paper plate Mexican mask by What a  fun idea! 
The kiddos might need extra assistance with this one, or it might not look as pretty as this one does. But, we just had to share this DIY fiesta garland by

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